How do you know when your child is ready to give up the pacifier?

What are signs that your baby is ready to give up the pacifier? (She’s 14 months old.) As of currently, she only uses it to sleep. She is super attached at night, but she also has almost a full mouth of teeth (missing the back 4, 2 on top, and two on bottom) and started chewing on them. Thank you for taking the time to read and respond.


I let mine give it up they eventually do don’t force them ita comforting and harmless and my kids have nice teeth.

As soon as teeth come in I plan to take it away. I had to have braces because I used one when I shouldn’t have been.

I took mine at 6 months.


Should have given it up before you started, but at least when teeth came in to avoid buck teeth


The sooner the better. They are horrible for teeth, and the longer you let them keep the pacifier the harder it is to take it away. The first few nights will be the hardest but they will be worth it. Just take them away no transition period where you let her have it one night take it away a night then let her have it again.

As soon as my son started to chew on them, I said it was time.

I took a kids fishing net and stuck a note on it from the “Binkee fairy” and said she needs his Binkees for other babies who don’t have anything and by him giving all of his up, it will make a few babies very happy and they will be able to sleep better without crying all night long and he will get a small reward to say thank you (he was 19 months old)

He ran around the house and found all his Binkees and put them in the fishing net and when he wasn’t watching I threw them all out.

He ended up becoming clingy with his baby blanket at night instead and only now and then asked where his Binkees were and I would just tell him another baby has it and they say thank you for being kind and he would walk away.

Take it now before it becomes a problem !

I think only letting them have it at night is a good first step. If they are super attached I say leave it be for a while longer. They are only little once, why cause the stress to you both when comforting them would be so easy? If you are worried about their teeth at all then talk to their pediatrician, and not judgy people in the internet comment section :blush:


My daughter had hers until she was over 2 years old. But she kept chewing through them so I decided no more. Took them away, she asked about them but didn’t throw a fit :woman_shrugging:t4:

Took my sons away at 2.5 and his teeth went right back to normal within a month. It’s not something I would force if your child’s not ready. If you’re worried about it causing them to need braces, most children will need them no matter what so I wouldn’t let that be your deciding factor.

Luckily my son put it down one day and never wanted it again

The nipple bottle was harder to get him off but now we are using sippy cups

I took my son’s paci away when he was two. He was very attached to it and his teeth started to misalign. It was tough for the first week but he was fine after that. Good luck.

We took our son’s binky at the same age. He only used it to nap and sleep. We just cold turkey got rid of them. He was fine within 2-3 days. He whined but understood.

My daughter is 2 and a half years old and only has her dummy at night it helps her sleep, nothing wrong with it and all her teeth are fine

Probably should soon since she’s chewing them. Becomes a choking hazard now

Never should have started now you will just have to take the damn thing an throw it in the trash an say no more with in a few days everything should be fine. Just dont put your foot down an give in

Do it as early as you can or you’ll end up going nuts when they get older trying to get them off it. My middle child was five years old before she gave it up (after many failed attempts I just let her give it up when she was ready. One day, she just didn’t need it anymore) just remember, to them giving up a paci is like a grown up giving a caffeine addiction or smoking. It’s hard.

My son was 14 months old & started chewing holes in the pacifier & I let him throw it away after I explained that he was a big boy & it has holes in it & not good for his teeth. He never got upset about it.

We have a sippy cup of milk, when she whined for her pacifier I say here have some milk instead. She takes a sip or two she is fine, worked good