How do you know when your child is ready to give up the pacifier?

I never had to force either of my girls to give up the pacifier. They lost interest on their own and just quit using it. Both of my girls have beautiful teeth. I’ve seen several other Moms drive themselves crazy trying to take it away and just decided I wasnt going to put myself through it. That being said I never found it for them once they reached a certain age ( around 18 months) but if they found it and wanted to use it I never took it away.

If they start chewing on them, you should start to discontinue use, since they cam become choking hazards.

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I started weaning mine off when she didn’t seem as attached to it. I did it probably more gradual than most would.
Liked when she’d wake up. I’d go ok put your pacifier down then I’ll get you out of your crib.
The next phase I’d give it to her once she got in her crib at bedtime. Then I’d give it to her at bedtime when she asked for it. Once we stopped we didn’t have any issues. It may have take. Longer that way but it worked for us.
Then if she was upset about something I didn’t refuse it. I didn’t do it cold turkey but it worked.

Following. I’m in the exact same boat!

My son threw it at me one day and never used it again. It hit me right between the eyes. He was about 4 or 5 months old.

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We turned it into a game on his 2nd birthday. We had a friend draw up a big card with Dora on it (she was the thing in 2004) saying ‘now that you’re 2 you need find all your suz (thats what he called them) and a surprise will be found where you use it the most’. He collected them up then ran to his room to find a toy he really wanted
He found some days later and just walked over and put them in the bin

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Cut the tip off it and she will still have it but won’t like it anymore

When she starts chewing on them it becomes a choking hazard. I’d take it away.

i took my kids away at 2. just threw them out. it was rough but it was the only way lol

Both of my kids dropped it by 6 months

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I had 3 babys and none of them had a pacifier

My older three had it just at bedtime after 18 months, my youngest gave his up on his own at 16 months.
The older they get the harder it is to get rid of.

Tell ur child a baby took it, worked for me , every baby got the evil eye but lol

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Hayley L. Kaiser 14 month old babies don’t get buck teeth from using a soother. There is nothing wrong with using pacis. You didn’t use one, gold star for you.

When the child decides to not use it anymore it’s not ur place to take there comfort from them u are to provide there comfort.

My kids wouldn’t take a pacifier.

My sister law ran a daycare out of her home and some of her kids were on a pacifier the parents would ask her mind you she did this for over 40 yrs she said once they started throwing them or turned 2 take them away

My oldest never took a pacifier, I tried every brand there was. Now my 11 month old she loved her pacifier used it all of the time and then one day probably 5 or 6 months ago she spit it out and started sucking on her fingers.

My youngest was obsessed w hers. On her third birthday we had her throw them in the trash… she’ll be 4 in January and still asks for one occasionally lol…

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