How do you mamas juggle being a mom and housework?

Hi was wondering if some mamas are having trouble just like me, and what do you do? I have a six-year-old two-year-old and almost one year old; my house is constantly dirty no matter how much I clean by the end of the day, it’s dirty again. How do you keep your house cleaned with the kids? Only one is in school, and my 2-year-old has a strong head where she wants to do everything her way. And on top of it all, we have a dog I have to take out to use the bathroom. I feel like I’m constantly behind on something I have to do and don’t have the energy to do it all. Any advice will help thank you


No dog :dog: for a while

Girl they are all old enough to pick up after themselves, better start teaching them or you’ll be doing it their whole life. And do not lose heart, you will be repeating yourself alot, and it will be well worth it


Teach them how to clean up. Make it into a game. Whoever can clean this room the quickest can this and this when your all done cleaninh


Remember that there’s a difference between untidy and dirty. Make the beds, do the dishes , sweep kitchen floor , and wipe over the surfaces. When kids are napping, clean bathroom. Pick 1 major clean a day… eg wipe out fridge. When kids go to bed, get them to help clear up their toys. Chill. This time wont last forever.


If you don’t teach them while they’re young to help clean up you will regret in their teens even more.


When they take out a toy the other must go back,

Grab a bottle of wine and say fuck it.


Do you have post partum depression by any chance? With kids those ages it will seem hard right now but I promise it will get better. If you have some mom friends have them come over and hangout with the kiddos while you play catch up. Or have some family come over. It will help I swear.

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U don’t just a enough to make livable

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I have a hard time and i have to older kids, they help and a 3 year old. Lol. Pick certain days to clean certain rooms, try to organize your cleaning schedule. It helps to make you feel like you’ve got it under control. Lol.
And you should have them pick up to. My 3 year old picks up his toys, puts his dishes in the sink. . Little things.

Marianne is right- big difference between untidy and dirty.
Start by getting cheap bins for toys, crafts, etc. label them (do words AND pics if you’re feeling motivated). The kids can help by dropping their toys in the appropriate bins. It will take time and dedication to the routine, but eventually it will seem second nature to them to return everything. Structure is good for them AND you! As far as actually cleaning- keep quick cleaning wipes handy for countertops, tables, etc. And start to restructure your days so that heavy cleaning is broken up and the kids begin to understand certain times are for mommy to accomplish stuff while they do something independently (or nap, or whatever). Sit down and block out your day, what you want to accomplish, and see how it will all fit. Get into a routine that works for you. The kids will eventually fall into the routine. Most importantly- Don’t beat yourself up! You have 2 very small children. It’s a juggling act. But with consistency- things will begin to run more smoothly. Don’t expect perfection. It’s impossible! And you don’t want to accidentally teach your kids perfection is the goal or ideal. :hugs:. You’ll find a system that works for you! I promise!


Do the children have their room?? If yes let them play and mess up their room.
When children sleeping at night … you clean


There is no such thing as a clean house with kids or pets.The only time you might enjoy it clean is when you host holidays or when the kids are sleeping during your quiet time for a few hours before going to bed.You are just wasting your time trying to keep your place clean when they are up cause once you pick up,they come right behind you & bring all that stuff back out.Teach them about chores now & reward them after doing so much & it might stay clean


Chores. Toys kept in bedrooms only. I had no problem juggling and keeping house clean.

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Right after they fall asleep… Clean as fast as possible then shower, and pass out… :raised_hands:


Never been able to keep things cleaned up and put away properly

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Get your kids to help big one is old enough to make bed tidy toys vacume house middle one can lear to help too

You don’t. As long as your kids are safe healthy fed and happy. Take it easy on yourself. You are doing the best you can. You can’t do everything


Better to take the extra time, let all the kids help at the level they can no matter how slow or imperfect, and just understand that cleaning a house spotless when you have kids that young is like brushing your teeth while eating oreos.