How do you manage anxiety in children?

How do you manage anxiety in children? My child is three and went through something traumatic on the other parent’s side over two years ago, we dealt with it then, and she slowly got better over the next year, the loud noises scaring, hated crowds and would flip out if anyone touched her and was super attached to myself and a handful of other people, she was doing so well, but here recently I’ve noticed anxiety/ almost OCD like patterns, she always has to stay clean and freaks out if she ever were to get dirty, she went back to being terrified of loud noises, smells everything she eats or touches, insomnia on most night, touches certain spots on the hallway wall as she walks past and absolutely can’t handle change, even as little as moving the magnets on the fridge, it breaks my heart to watch her go through something like this, she’s such a loving child. I thought about making a doctor’s appointment, but with COVID going around, I’m trying to find simpler ways to help her, and I don’t want to end up putting my three-year-old on any type of medication if it can be helped. Can anyone relate, going through, or has any type of advice on this?


If you think a doctors appointment is best then do make it, but could be a sensory issue, ik i’m like that’s self just try to keep her clean so she doesn’t have to many panic attacks

Counseling. Meds may not be required but play therapy would be beneficial

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Has she been tested for autism. I am raising a great niece with autism, many of the things you describe go hand in hand with autism


I would see a regular physician for a referral to a child psychiatrist. Talk therapy can help.

I think you need to take him/her to a doctor.

Get a referral to a child psychiatrist and try counseling

Don’t feed her chocolate, tea, sweets .period.

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I would make the appointment anyways. That or try a counselor.

Research weighed vest.

My daughter has autism and a lot of things you mention here… she does the same. I would start by setting an appointment with a neurologist and have her tested for it.


Yes I can totally relate except my daughter was diagnosed with OCD, anxiety, and depressive disorder when she was a little older. She was about 10 and she too went through something traumatic when she was almost five and I think that has triggered a lot of her issues. The biggest thing that has helped her husband counseling and learning coping skills. I will say though I did have her put on medication even though I had been totally against it because she was in such a bad state for a while. The biggest help though has been the counseling so I would definitely make an appointment and see if there’s some sort of therapy she can get into

It sounds like she’s still going through trauma. Not autism or ocd. I use to do that stuff as a kid. It took me 25 years to wake up and realize all the times I’ve been hurt and never dealt with those emotions.

My son is currently in therapy for anxiety and his phobia of sickness and since our clinic is closed, his therapist uses an app like facetime to talk to my son on his appt days. It works for him and it really seems to help him.

My son has autism spectrum disorder and my middle daughter has really bad separation anxiety…both of them have dogs and they have come a long way. This is after I tried oils and my ex husband refused to let me put them on meds. If you go this route you’d have to let the dog pick the kid bc it’s not just any dog unless you get them as a puppy. We went through 3 rescues before my son’s chihuahua fell in our lap. Then my daughter wound up with a rescue rotti.

My son has autism and definitely relates to this I would get her tested for autism

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Time to try counseling. She might be regressing partly due to the Covid lockdowns. Seems like a stress reaction but definitely something you should seek out a counselor for.

Poor baby!
Sounds like she needs to regain trust. I would look up gaining trust methods for children.

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Therapy could help teach her coping methods


get her into therapy. my daughter has anxiety issues and her therapist is taking her for inperson appointments