How do you manage doing a no carb diet?

Has anyone ever had to be put on a no-carb diet due to being overweight? How did you guys manage? I’m struggling to manage, and its only day 3


There is a fantastic group page with a wealth of excellent information. Members and administrators are VERY helpful & supportive. “Reversing Diabetes with a Ketogenic Diet”
****Great group EVEN if you AREN’T diabetic *****

What is your fat intake

I do intermediate fasting no carbs or low carbs and no sugar it’s actually quite easy. Look up Dr Jason Fung on YouTube

Do low carb instead of no carb. However, a no carb/low carb diet isn’t exactly sustainable. It’s better to switch out your unhealthy foods/snacks for healthier choices and look at it as a lifestyle change instead of a diet. Also how many times a day are you eating? Are you staying active? Just changing your diet isn’t going to do much. We’re actually going to start low carb again if anyone is interested I can share what worked for me before (was losing around 2lbs a week) if you PM me. Would love to trade recipes or tips from those starting a low carb or on low carb.

My husband lost almost 100 pounds in a year on a no carb diet. He was severely overweight and really had to do something. He really needs to lose more. I don’t know your personal situation but If it’s important enough you’ll be able to do it. It’s just a matter of what you actually need for yourself

I lost 176 lbs and have maintained that loss on low carb/keto for 3 years now. It is 100% sustainable if you understand it. Usually bad habits are triggered by something like stress, emotional eating, etc. Once you figure out how to overcome those triggers, changing your lifestyle will come easier. There are various Facebook groups that will absolutely help you with your journey. Search them out and join. #atgoalsince2018


Try using the carb manager app. It help count macros.

Carnivore. Hubby and I do carnivore five days a week… It’s not terrible. I actually really enjoy it. Between low carb and keto and now carnivore we’ve lost 215 lbs combined.


Have lots of snacks that are no carb like fruit and veggies that make it easier.


High protein, low carbs. You don’t need to cut them out completely but an 80/20 or 90/10 diet is needed to lose weight.

Look into eat like a bear on facebook, lots of support and nothing you have to buy

In my honest opinion no carb is bad for you hard to sustain and once you can’t anymore you can gain the weight back easier. It’s okay if you want to do that forever but a balanced diet would benefit you more. Don’t make yourself suffer :heart::heart::heart: if you have any questions I can help you.


You have to have some carbs :woman_shrugging:t3:, fruits and veggies have carbs.


In a few days the cravings go away. Carbs are like crack. Other than a slice of pizza 1 or 2 x month I don’t do bread, potatoes, rice, cereal etc any starches anymore. I don’t miss it and feel 100% better.


I love the Fast 800. Found it much easier to stick to when I combined the no carb, low calorie diet with time restricted eating. Perfect for me and easy to stick to it.

We do clean keto- no artificial sweeteners just Whole Foods and healthy fats.


Keto I done very low carb I only eat 5 to 10 carbs a day, meat eggs then I added some veg after a month depends on how low carb you want to do, check out keto on Facebook loads of groups loads of advice

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The first week of keto sucks…once you get past it, you are good!

Don’t do it! My niece tried it and got really weak to the point of almost falling out…