How do you manage doing a no carb diet?

I love the low carb diet. It works fast and good and you can still eat !

I tried a low to no carb diet and drank lots of water … it was actually surprising how much I didn’t crave carbs after about a week … and I was a very carb loving person! I eventually just knew that was a food I couldn’t eat. Mash potatoes and some items I will eat VERY occasionally… like Thanksgiving and once in blue moon. I actually would eat them and after 3 bites, not even want it cuz my body was so use to healthier foods

drink a full glass of water half hour before you eat to stop feeling hungry.

I’ve done a low carb diet and still on it because I know me lol. If I completely quit the carbs Ill binge eat them eventually. So I limit to rice, pasta, or bread to once a week.

Following… how the hell do you replace bread and potatoes?! Like I would struggle!


I did low carb bc of PCOS and other health issues. It was hard the first week or so bc your body is detoxing but after that i orikise it gets better and so much easier! My cravings are gonna and I’m eating to fuel my body not bc I’m bored


No carb is next to impossible to sustain for very long

Don’t forget you subtract the fiber that helps. Like if it 12 grams of carbs and 6 grams of fiber you only count 6 grams of carbs

  1. become fully knowledgeable on what low carb or keto means. There are so many version and it doesn’t mean eat all the dairy, fat, bacon, and cheese you want.
  2. find a good Facebook group to help you on your journey, I personally recommend UCANKETO or Keto for the Clueless
  3. keep it simple at first!!
  4. electrolytes are CRUCIAL to avoid cramps and keto flu
  5. meal plan meal plan meal plan or you will find yourself swinging in to a fast food joint because its easier.
  6. forgive yourself if you slip up

Ive been keto for 3 years in April. My blood work is perfect.

I suggest watching Fat Fiction on Amazon Prime. Eye opening! I’ve lost close to 100 lbs!

We’re you given any sort of direction or diet to follow? I did a strict keto diet last year. It works like a charm. I felt like crap the first two weeks. You find ways to improvise. Google is your friend. I also had a book with recipes and tips I followed.


Only eat organic veggie cleaned and meat. Fish 3 x a week avoid anything that turns into sugar in the body. Bam new body!

Talk to your doc. But keto or no carb isnt healthy. Short term is fine but ive talked to nutritionists, a gut health specialist and my doc about it. I got gallbladder issues from it and always had headaches n nausea. The fat intake of it is ridiculous. U may lose weight but your arteries are clogging in the mean time.

Im doing the keto diet. So far im on day 6 and have between 30 and 50g of carbs a day. I cut carbs slowly, not all at once and yesterday i only had 28g. 3lbs down so far and honestly i feel so much better in myself. Anytime i get a craving for sugar or carbs, i drink water with lemon and lime slices. That seems to work. Hope it goes well for you.

I have no advice lol I’m on a seafood diet :joy: I see food and eat it!!!

There’s carb cycling. You eat Carbs 2 days then 5 days you have 0 carbs. Its a lot of veggies and white meat. Cauliflower rice is good and oatmeal

Keto is good just keep it simple

5 to 7, or 9 fruits and veggies daily, lots of water, great for weight, complexion, overall health and energies!

I see a lot of Keto. Which is great, but involves a lot of counting macros. Maybe look into Paleo? You are supposed to eat like a caveman. Which means…POTATOES! Its not everyone because it is high in protein, but I’ve lost about 8 lbs in the last 2 weeks. I eat pasta but its veggie pasta. Not spaghetti squash, just green or gluten free pasta. I eat pizza but its gluten free and lactose free. It takes time. But you mostly get to enjoy your foods. Just no dairy and no gluten. No counting!! ( i buy almond flour and tapioca flor to make my own bread) good luck and I’m rooting for you!!!

There is no possible way I could do no carbs lol best of luck to u!

I applaud and admire you. Once you get over the first 3 days it will become so much easier, you are doing great.