How do you manage holidays with different parts of the family?

if you have a family that’s within an hour but in opposite directions, how do you do holidays? My family & my SO’s family are both about the same distance away but in completely opposite directions, and normally we try to see everyone but now, with our little boy, I don’t want him to spend 3 hours in the car on holidays. And we also have sick/elderly relatives on either side so they traveling to us isn’t very feasible. Do you alternate holidays? Do you celebrate early/late? I’m already stressing about the upcoming holidays and how we are going to make it all work. I know with everything going on with covid minimal interaction is best, but either family gathering will be less than 10 people and we take precautions.


We handle it by doing it on different days so that we can enjoy the holiday and not have to run all over


Figure out how many people r In the family and alternative days

We have 6 children who have their own families…we set the first Saturday in December so we can get them all together…I do Christmas with my 5 brothers and their families on the Sunday the before Christmas…

We do my mom’s side in the morning then my MIL’s in the afternoon then my FIL’s in the evening that’s like 15 min down the road. It’s a long day and I was just telling my husband that we need to split the day for Thanksgiving with the families and then Christmas stay home. If folks want to come over, they’re more than welcome but I want our little girl to be able to enjoy Santa and her gifts on Christmas, not see them and then have to immediately leave them.

As a kid and at Christmas I would spend Christmas day with my dad and his family and then on boxing day with my mum and her family … it started when I was young and still to this day we do it and it suits everyone . Just have to sit down and explain to people

I always did my dads side on Xmas eve and Mom’s Xmas day in the evening. When I was engaged his fam did Xmas morning. So we were busy all day both days but everyone got visited.

We had similar issues weekend before n weekend after then had holiday at home if any friends r neighbors wanted to stop by it worked out!

We alternate. One year we celebrate on the exact date with one family and move it to the weekend with the other. Next year we do the same but exchange who gets the actual holiday date. We still see everyone so they’re all happy.

If you have a certain tradition that you wish your little one grows up with, I’d prioritize that. If both of your families are laid back, I’d either do one day at one and a different day at the other, such as Christmas Eve with his parents and Christmas Day with yours. You can alternate every year so they can both share in those special times.
Or you can do different weekends. At the end of the day, don’t stress so much on certain days as that can drive you crazy. Instead, focus on family time with the theme for that month. Maybe start new traditions so it doesn’t feel like you are missing out on how it used to be. This will make it a joy/something to look forward to instead of feeling like you are missing out.

Thanksgivings… one family does lunch time. The other does a late supper.

Christmas… one family does Christmas Eve morning the other does Christmas Eve night.

Alternate holidays only fair way

We do one day before the holiday with my family or the day of with my husband’s family or vice versa.

Christmas Eve with one family Christmas Day with the other.

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Celebrate different days

We used to do that also, but with a little one its a little bit harder!Either different days. But with some families they don’t like to change there “traditions” so sometimes we rotate years on the holidays.

Split the holidays. Major ones for us Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas. One year a family has 2 holidays the next 1 holiday. Of course we see them more than that but those are the majors.
Whoever we see for Thanksgiving we do a Thanks-mas with.

With us we tend to switch holidays every year. One year my husbands side gets us and the next year my family gets us. So far it’s been working for us.


I work. Issue solved. Lol

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Split the holiday season up visit 1 set of relatives a day or 2 before the holiday and visit the other a day or 2 after the holiday. And on the holiday do your celebration at home.