How do you manage tooth pain in pregnancy?

How to deal with a severe toothache during pregnancy? It’s the start of the second trimester. Also, the pain sharpens at night. Anyone else experienced this?

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Grinding your teeth?

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You can use clove oil they sell it specifically for your teeth at Walgreens

Ginger root ground up put on effected area as long as possible.

You can get a note from your doctor that it’s safe to get dental work done.

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You can have dental work done in the second trimester

I had wisdom teeth come in while pregnant, only thing I could do to help it was alternate from a hot water bottle and a cold can and take paracetamol till it calmed down again

Place a clove on your pained tooth …it is a natural remedy .I promise it takes the pain away …and also taste like the shot the dentist gives you to numb your jaw …I promise it will work until you get to drs


I would get them during my pregnancy and could not make to drs asap but it does numb the pain quickly just bite down little by little till it soften …you probably have to keep putting new ones on later but it will last a good hour if no Pain

It’s worse at night bc your laying down and there is more blood flow to them. Sleep propped up until you get to the dentist

You can have fillings done at any point in your pregnancy.

I had an extraction of a moral done at 24 weeks. (28 weeks now) Best thing to manage the pain was CONSTANTLY keep an ice pack attached to your face and tylenol.

Antibiotics and they gave me a prescription of lidocaine! Go see your dr if you can’t get into your dentist! I ended up having to go to er!

Go to the Dentist!!!

Mouth wash I carried it everywhere with me

Have dental work done asap as the pain will raise your blood pressure and then that causes more.problems for u and baby on top of a major.infection

That means your tooth is dying or infected. Go to the dentist

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Don’t let them pull it.

Pain usually means infection. You can have the tooth worked on or pulled but ONLY in the second trimester. I had 3 teeth pulled when I was pregnant. Call a dentist ASAP! There is no worse pain than a toothache

Warm salt water is a good pain reliever a d will help with infection too. Hold it in your mouth and then spit it out .