How do you night time potty train?

When and how did you start nighttime potty training? My daughter turned three a few months ago, and during the day, she wears panties and goes poop and pee in her potty. Occasionally, she’ll have an accident and poop a little in her panties, but she realizes it immediately, and it almost never happens. We put her in a pull up at night, and very rarely will she wake up with pee in it. It’s usually dry, and she goes potty as soon as she wakes up. She has a bathroom beside her room, but she’s a heavy sleeper and I don’t think she will wake up to potty. Should I just put her in panties and put a waterproof mat under her and let her figure it out? Should I wake her up to potty in the middle of the night?


Sounds like she is ready. Its a matter not giving her anything to drink before bedtime and to save the mattress I would put the protective bedsheet. She probably isn’t peeing at night already, Accidents will happen but with patience she will get there… I wouldn’t wake her up to go unless she has accidents but that is a good idea if they happen but first work on the no drinking. But she sounds way past ready, she and you are already doing good.


We did it all at once. Night time we make her pee before bed. No drinks a half hour before. She was potty trained a little before 3. She will be 4 in 2 weeks ans probably 3 accidents the past year. Mainly when she falls asleep before we have her use the potty

Stay up all night!!! :rofl::rofl::rofl::thinking::face_with_monocle::sunglasses:

Never wake a sleeping child. She sounds like she is an early night dry kid.
Just put a waterproof on her bed. And remember she is only three.
You are lucky she is night dry.
And its a toilet, not a potty.

My son (who took forever to potty train) at 4.5 decided he no longer wanted to wear a pull up to bed…and that was that! He just did it when he was ready. He also drinks a lot at night and only has had an accident in bed once or twice.

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We used to put pull ups on my son at night once he was daytime potty trained. After about a week or 2 of him waking up with a dry pullup I just started putting him to bed in underwear. Once in awhile hed wake up super early and either run to the bathroom himself or wake me or my husband up to take him.

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My daughter didn’t fully night time potty train till she was 4.

I just waited it out and eventually it was just a waste of money to buy pull ups anymore cause she wasn’t peeing in them so I put her in panties and she hasn’t peed since.


Honestly, mine woke up dry every day for a week. She was night time potty trained first. If she wakes up dry she’s ready.

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Don’t wake her up to potty. Wearing a pull-up at 3 years old at night is no big deal. You can try the big girl panties at night and see how it goes. Just be consistent. Sounds like she is doing really good!


My youngest didn’t fully train for bedtime until she was 4. She wore panties to bed and I woke her up around 2am to pee. I did this for a week. She had maybe 2 accidents. We’re going on like 6 months now pull up free and no accidents :slightly_smiling_face:

When I noticed my almost three year old waking with a dry diaper fairly consistently I went straight to underwear. I have a soaker pad under his sheet for the odd night he has an accident but I honestly can’t remember the last time he had one. I went completely off his vibe and didn’t try to push it. He was daytime trained for a little while before I even thought about nighttime. My biggest advice is to not try and push it… feel them out and pay attention to when they’re showing signs of being ready and lots of praise when they do well :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I would wake mine before I went to bed 1130 ish and make them go. Then in the morning they would be dry.

Stop drinks an hour before bedtime. And you just need to wake up with her every 4 hrs and take her to the bathroom she’ll catch on. Mine were all done by 2 with no accidents


After my daughter was potty trained for a week like day potty trained I just kept notice if she was waking up dry multiple days in a row we stopped the diapers at night. She had 2 accidents since September but when she does she wakes us up and would be upset that she was wet. We got a water proof mattress cover :blush:

If she’s wearing a pull up, and waking up dry, what makes you think she won’t do the same with panties?

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I potty trained my granddaughter Abt 2 months after she turned 2 and for the nighttime training I put a mattress protector on her bed and she slept in panties. She had a few accident’s at night but after Abt a week she learned to wake up to go potty. My grandson I potty trained at 3 and the same for him he’s 4 now and every once in a long while he’ll still have an accident in the bed but for the most part he wakes up to go potty too

Nothing to drink a few hours before bed and wear regular undies. Ofcourse a mattress protector under the sheet.

I stopped drinks an hour or two before bed time and made it routine to use the potty before bed (or try to).

My daughter who just turned 5 in Oct just became fully potty trained. I never pushed her to potty train. I waited until she was ready & honestly it’s been a breeze. She goes to the adult bathroom now & even wakes herself up in the middle of the night to go potty. Since October she’s only had 1 accident & we were out at the doctors office & she didn’t know in the back offices they have potties. Luckily she was was wearing a pull up at the time because it was the beginning of potty training.

Everyone frowned upon her being 5 still not fully potty trained & the criticism would make her clam up & not want to go but with COVID & being home with no judgments she has made it easy to focus on her training.

The best advice is to limit drinks before bed & try to get them in the habit of getting up in the middle of the night so no accidents. I also bought her bedtime trainers in case of unexpected accidents but she’s now enjoying her panties. Don’t forget the matress cover.

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