How do you parent and work at the same time?

How do you separate work from home for your work from home, mommas? Especially those that are littles are still in daycare? I have been struggling hard the last year with the blurred lines between work and personal, and both sides are suffering. I work 8-5 at home m-f and am on call on weekends. We got me my own desk and put it in the hall area by the TV area. It closes, so that’s like logging out at night for the most part. But I am still struggling. My little one is just over 1 1/2, and I am constantly on the phone or video chat and whatnot. We sort of having a routine for pre and post-work, but during the day, the focus is way off. I am on anxiety meds due to the pandemic and being trapped at home as it is. My husband also works a lot, so I am responsible for everything pretty much.


You’re not alone!! Many are going through those same feelings…