How do you potty train a 3 year old boy?

My three 1/2-year-old goes to daycare, and they say that they take the kids every 20 minutes to try to go to the potty. We also do this at home, but now he refuses to, or he won’t sit still on the potty long enough. He has pooped in the potty once when I caught him before he went in his diaper, but now if I say, “Do you need to go poop?” He says no! It’s hard to catch him when he’s about to go poop as well. Any advice?


You’re probably already doing these things, but lots of praise when he successfully goes in his potty, prizes, and encouragement. Clap, cheer, make him feel proud of himself.
If he doesn’t make it, make sure to tell him it’s okay, but next time let’s go in the potty. You can let him know if he does, he can have or do ____.
Be consistent. Don’t give up. Try not to show your frustration.

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Do what daycare does every little bit take him remember your the parent good luck

20 minutes is quite excessive hes probably sick of going! Give him time and allow him to tell you when he needs to go. If that means accidents then so be it. Forcing him every 20 minutes is just going to cause an issue psychologically. My son is also 3 and a half and I have never had to take him every 20 minutes. We have poo issues (run in dads side of the family) but if he tells me he doesnt need to go to the toilet I’m not about to force him to go and sit on it/stand and pee

My son just turned 4 earlier this month and just finally consistently goes poop on the potty I’ve been the stressed out mama trying to figure out what I was doing wrong I tried taking all his toys out of his room and slot let him earn them back that was a no go and his daycare lady said it makes them more stressed about going poop so don’t shame, I bought a calendar and do smiley faces for pooping on the toilet and x’s for accidents that seemed to work

Put him in underwear at this age seriously because he wont like the wetness cause diapers and pullups absorb the urine. And keep taking him to the bathroom and do not scald him on accidents just remind him and supervise him washing his underwear in a sink n if theres poop in it make him drop the the poop in the potty from the underwear n have him flush AND obviously have him wash his hands afterwards of course then have him put the underwear in the washing machine. Do a rewards chart so if 3 days straight get him something small then go from there.

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We struggled until we got a potty urinal type thing… and he really took to it

Reward him every time he tries to go , I used mini m&ms but you could use something healthier that he really likes. But those mini m&ms had my 5 kids wanting to try every hour😜

Every 20min is excessive. That’s you getting trained to clock watch and not him learning to use the toilet


I used a chart with small rewards each time and then a big reward for so many successful times in a row. Let him pick his big reward within reason. At least that’s what worked for me. Good luck :slight_smile:

I know for my four year old…he had to do it on his own time the more that I try to get him to go on the toilet the more he wouldn’t he would push away from it finally I just let him do it on his own and now he’s potty trained :slight_smile:

I got a she wee and peed on trees with him had him completely potty trained in a week! I tried everything all of old wives tales too nothing worked but peein on treees haha