How do you potty train a girl?

My daughter just turned 19 months, and my husband and I want to buy her a little toilet and start potty training. She doesn’t show she’s interested or ready, but my husband thinks she is. What are some tips to make it easy? Also, she sleeps in a crib, so won’t have to wear a diaper at night confuse her?


Hi my little one is 2 and was trying to get her to sit on the potty since she was 18months nothing worked , she would sit on it and then get up and wee on my floor straight away, I invested in a toddler toilet seat and she absolutely loves it! She says mummy want to go on big girl toilet now! Make sure to reward going on the potty to encourage her to keep doing it xx good luck

I left my daughter naked literally all the time and she potty trained herself because she hated being dirty haha

I had boy/girl twins. She was so easy

She’s too young wait a few months


Think she’s too young.


My daughter at 19 months showed tons of interest in the toilet and at 3 she’s finally 90% DAYTIME potty trained. Night time and long drives she gets a pull up.

If your daughter isn’t showing any interest, you should wait


My kids B,G,B…were all almost 3 before FULLY grasping potty training.
No harm in introducing the potty…but she may not understand.

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My daughter had just turned 1 when we bought the potty was fully potty trained by two. I think the two things that helped us was 1. Letting her come with me to see me potty every time I went… 2. The 20 min incriminating with treats. We did 2 mnm for pee and 3 for poop. She’s now three and is night potty trained too. Introducing early was probably the best thing we did

You will know when she is ready. Hides to poop, asks her diaper to be changed after she pees, wants to sit on potty. No need to rush it, it’s totally normal to be closer to 3.


I would wait till she is ready, rushing will make her not want to go potty in the potty

Every time I went to the bathroom I took my daughter to she sat on her little potty and I sat on my big potty. So every time I went I would take you there with me. And eventually he took about maybe about two weeks she started going to the potty on her own

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If she’s not interested you’ll boat likely beat a dead horse. Lol. At her age if she takes to it yay but I wouldn’t stress or super push it. Get a seat that attaches to toilet and let her explore it casually for a bit

My third daughter was 15 months and fully trained, my girls never liked kid potties only the real one. Nothing to drink after 7 pm, hopefully she isn’t taking a bottle anymore that is the first step. I would still put a pull up on at night for a month. I used the reward system. Every time they peed or pooped they got a mini m&m you can use something healthier that she really likes. But mine would be trying every hour for that mini m&m .It would prob be easier if she wasnt in a crib still.

I started potty training when my daughter woke up with a dry diaper consistently so we could ditch them at night. Buy a waterproof cover (or a couple) and a few extra sheets to make accident changes easier. But the waking up with a dry diaper is when I started.

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My daughters pooped 80% on the potty since 6mo I’m hoping that introducing it so early when we do go to potty train she’s used to it! Shes 14 mo now and I’m thinking about really pushing towards training this week since I’m off

What worked for my daughter was buying her pretty princess underwear (she loved princesses) and when she wet them, she “ruined her pretty panties” and she would have to throw them away. Sounds mean but it worked. She was about 2.5 almost 3 though so that makes a difference… and pull-ups at night.


My middle daughter was fully trained by 18 months but she showed interest. One day after a bath I went to diaper her and she told me no shes big. I said ok well then we will use the potty - and she did. She was so far my easiest girl. My oldest girl :roll_eyes: it took me until she was almost 4 to get her to stop having accidents. My oldest son was also trained by 1 - my others are still babies!

As soon as mine was walking me and my mother in law would let her go to the bathroom with us she had her own potty so she would get the idea she was so easy

Tip , dont ask her if she has to go , just say ok let’s go potty every hour and when ever you or your hubby goes then take her in and try even if she doesn’t go just keep doing it every hour .

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