How do you potty train a girl?

My daughter is almost four and still refuses to use a potty and the toilet. Absolutely nothing is working, and I have tried everything! Kindergarten teachers are also not having any luck. I was hoping she would be a little bit more inclined to try once she seen other kids going but nope, sadly, she is still refusing to go there and at home. I’m at a loss, I really would like her to be out of pull-ups before she starts school next year. Any advice or tips, please?? Thank you!


Have her stay home for five days straight, don’t leave at all. The whole entire time don’t put any pants on her and constantly ask if she has to go potty. If she goes on the floor make her help clean it up. My two year old learned this way


Put her in underwear (no pull-ups!) if she pees she’ll feel the wetness and probably won’t like it to much also take her to the bathroom frequently


With my daughter I just offered her every possible option and let her run the house without a diaper or pull up and she finally started to use her potty

I stopped trying. Stopped saying anything about going. And I bought pampers pull ups cause they bunched up on her. She hated them. It didnt take too long after that for her to go in the toilet.

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Put her in underwear. She’ll hate being wet

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My daughter will be 4 in June. She LITERALLY just started peeing in the potty. She’s been dry for 2 weeks (pooping is another story). My oldest boy was the same way. One day it just “clicks” with them

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Agree with the above posts, put her in panties and let her feel the wetness. She will hate it. Take her to the potty every hour and reward her if she goes on the potty. Same at night. Just let her sleep in panties and she will get it eventually. My daughter had difficulty too.


my daughter never used the potty. so one day I sent her to daycare in underwear and a bag of extra clothes. she peed herself in front of her friends, and some of them made fun of her. she was potty trained in that respect after THAT DAY. she still wants pull ups to poop, but that’s another story

Sounds like mine. She was 4.5 before being trained. She still doesn’t like to wipe at age 12! At 11 she was diagnosed ASD. Not saying your kid is -at all- but they are notoriously difficult to potty train despite seeming perfectly capable, and girls often go undiagnosed for much longer than boys.
My advice is to make her wear big girl pants and force her to help physically clean up any accidents, but also celebrate any time she’s willing to even try anything on the potty using a small candy or toy treat, like an m&m or something. Make a big deal over everything. She pulled her own pants down? Yaaaay! She sat on the potty and counted to 10? Yaaaay! She asked to go potty and went into the toilet (even if she didn’t go, or want to try)? Yaaaay! Even video chat daddy or grandma mid-day just to brag about whatever she attempted. Make her feel special enough to want that feeling or that treat more and more. Try often. Celebrate often. Fill that child with tiny treats if you have to. Immediate rewards for positive behaviors. That’s all I can suggest.

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My daughter is 3 (4 in October) and she refuses to wear panties or try the potty! :woman_facepalming:t2: I ask her if she wants to wear panties and she says no cause they make her wet. Throws a fit if I put them on her. I have yet to figure something out lol

Same problem here…my daughter is 3. wet panties don’t bother her or cleaning up her own mess. She will go pee on the potty, but would rather poop on the floor than the toilet. We have tried rewards. That doesn’t seem to work. She will go poop and pee at grandma’s but at home she refuses since I had her baby brother (9months).

Put my daughter in big girl underwear and she got potty trained quick…she hated being wet and hated cleaning her soiled clothes


Just give her underwear as her ONLY OPTION. Give her lots of water/ liquids so she has too pee all day and if she has accidents it’s okay
She will get uncomfortable at some point and when she has her accidents don’t shower her right away so she has the yucky feeling so she won’t want to pee herself again…


Don’t let her wear wet underwear, you’re asking for a UTI and believe me you don’t want to go down that road. If she has been to a doctor and it has been determined that there is no physical problem she might just be on of those kids that go on their own schedule. My oldest was almost 4 before she decided she wanted to use the toilet and she turned out just fine.


Try a sticker chart! Go to the dollar store, buy a bunch of stuff, wrap presents. Every 5 stickers, 1 for every pee, they get to pick one. For poop…bring them to the store and let them pick their own toy. If they poop on the potty they get it.

I don’t really have any advice but my daughter was the same way. I thought she was never going to potty train, finally a little after she turned 4 she just decided to go on the potty. She’s just super hard headed and strong willed. Stay strong momma she’ll get there.

No pull ups and she cleans up her own mess EVERYTIME


Straight from diapers to Underwear. No pull-ups. They do have thick training panties. Let her feel the wetness a few times. She will potty train. Take her potty every 15 min and do a reward system.

Have you tried normal undies with plastic undies on top?