How do you split bills?

I moved in with my boyfriend in June. We each pay half of the rent. We each have a child. I cut down my hours at work to 2 days a week (max 16 hours a week), so I can watch our kids when we have them. I am pregnant again and due in April. We got a roommate a couple of months ago, so we’re paying in thirds now. My question is: would you still be expected to pay half/third of rent when I watch his son on top of mine and take him to and from work?


Either you’re a team or you’re not. It’s not my money, it’s our money. We both work for the same goal. Why would it matter how the bills get paid?


Are you a SO or a babysitter?


charge him for childcare if hes gonna charge for rent!


Uhhhh what?! :woozy_face: is he your boyfriend or are you the nanny?
I never understood why “couples” who live together split the bills. :woman_shrugging:t2:


You cut 2 days to be with not just your kid but your so kid. I think he should get more of the rent because you are now making less to care for the child.


3 ways for all the bills. Need income then babysit or get online jobs. You also live there and use utilities. Parenting your kids doesn’t mean you can mooch in my opinion.

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We never really split bills. He’s always made more so he’s covered more of the bills. We both work we just pay the bills with our moneys.

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Sounds like a discussion you should have with your SO rather than a Facebook page.


I’m so confused as to why people don’t split bills? You both live there?


Honestly. At first I gave my SO money and after we got engaged I quit giving him money…we bought a house before we got engaged but I explained it this way. I pay my bills, I buy groceries, cook and clean and will be adding more kids to the mix when we get married. He takes care of the rest. We also work together because it’s a family run business so…it’s like as long as each person is doing their part, what does it matter how it’s paid


Keep splitting the rent. You’re an adult and bills don’t just disappear because you choose to work less. If you’re finding it really hard now, either increase how much you work or sit SO down and talk to him


We have a joint bank account. All our income gets deposited there and our bills auto-draft from there :woman_shrugging: all the bills get paid and it doesnt really matter “who” is paying them


We don’t split the bills but I have the ones I pay i.e. the mortgage, car and car ins, etc and he pays the others I pay the bigger ones bc I make more but it all works out as longs as the bills get paid and we can feed our kids

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You should what it’s three ways and if you’re babysitting for him you should get paid for it your car don’t run on air and he should pay you for that


Once my husband and i moved in together there was no “my” money or “his” money. It was our money. We opened a joint account. All of the money that we take in goes directly into that joint account, and all bills that need to be paid come out of that account. What’s left from that is what WE have left to cover any other expenses such as food, medicine, clothing for the household, ect… it’s not his money or my money. It belongs to both of us, and WE make discussions together.


Are you in a relationship or roommates? This kind of thing is mindboggling to me. We rise together or we sink together. Bill’s get paid and groceries get bought and no one tallies it up at the end of the month and says I paid more than my share. Our success, our money, our Bill’s, our kids.


First off those are now all of your kids. You don’t charge your boyfriend for babysitting especially since your pregnant with his child. If you need extra help ask.


Make him pay childcare and gas if you are made to take him back and forth to work


We have one account that we both put into. Doesn’t matter about splitting in half. Your a couple just pay the bills damm be a man dude