How do you start the potty training process?

How and when do you start potty training boys, my baby is almost 16 months, and I see other boys younger already potty trained. how do u even start this process? It’s my first baby


I started by every evening at bath time I put my boys on the potty while running their bath water. The water running usually helped the process and they were both potty trained by 20 months

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Lol holy heck 16 months!? My son did right after his 3rd birthday! No rush! We did straight to underwear when he was ready and it worked well :slightly_smiling_face:


Every kid is different, we started trying to potty our first son at 18 months and he just wanted to play, so we started up again around 2.5 and it just didn’t click very well. A month after his 3rd birthday it clicked and he’s almost 4 now and has had very few accidents since… my daughter is 2.5 right now and just started showing interest in using the potty.

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They usually let you know when they are ready before 2. But I would say around 18 to 24 months.

All kids are different. I potty trained my daughter by 18 months, in a weekend. My son is almost 3 and he’ll only sit on the potty if he feels like it, which isn’t often.

Just introduce him to it, let him sit on it and distract him with a toy or something. When he makes anything happen in the potty, make a huge deal about it. But listen to him…if he really doesn’t want to, don’t push it. That’ll make him hate it. If he takes to it, keep going. Get him some cute undies and when he gets them wet, he won’t like the feel.


My boy is almost 3.5 and still refuses the potty :tired_face: has no interest. His doctors say up to 4 is normal.


I have learned from experience that it’s best to wait until the child is ready. Just potty trained my youngest. I tried at 2 years. It was more of a battle. He wasn’t interested. At 3…he came to me and said he wanted to go potty. And has gone ever since. I know that extra year of diaper changes was nothing to brag about. But he did it on his own. And is so proud of himself.


My son was 2.5… I think you’re fine

Wait until they are ready. 16 months to me sees like too soon to worry about it. My son wasn’t until right before his 4th birthday. Same with my daughter. The more you try to force it, the more they will fight it.

Don’t compare to anyone else :woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging: with all 3 kid I did 3-4 days naked with access to potty chairs. Accidents happen, and thats ok.

First of all, stop comparing your child to other peoples children. Then you can see the signs if your child is ready. You can introduce the potty. I usually do the ring that fits on the regular toilet that has steps. Earliest I had a kid potty trained is 2 years old and it’s because I was potty training my first at 3 years and his sister wanted to join in. I’ve since potty trained 3 more children usually around 3 years old. Shoot my daughter went to preschool with a lot of students still in diapers.

Honestly my boys where very easy, I bought underwear of there favourite tv show, they wanted to wear it and I told them only big boys can wear them and they could wear them as soon as they started using the big boy washroom. Also told them each time they went they got a sticker on the board. When the board got 30 stickers they got a toy at toys r us of 20.00 They where both trained fully at 14 months. My girls on the other hand were a lot harder and just wouldn’t fall for anything. They where both 3 when fully potty trained.

We did potty orientation starting at about 18 months At bath time we would sit on the potty while the tub was running I would take them to the bathroom with me and let them sit on the potty with diapers on or off Mine LIKED to be naked so I kept a potty chair in the living room and sometimes they would sit and watch a show I really started about 2 yrs old with all 4 of my boys they were all daytime out of diapers from 2 to 2 1/2 depending on the boy. Nights took longer with mine. I had upstairs potty down stairs potty and living room potty With boys teach them to lean forward a little when they pee or it squirts out the front Lean and tuck lean forward and tuck him down

Truth is,kids will potty train when they r ready


Only when they’re ready. If you push it, it takes longer. Most kids are ready around 3 years old.

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That seems a little young. I started playing potty time songs and videos on youtube and bought a little toilet to introduce her too. She decided when she was ready and it only took 2 weeks after her 3rd birthday for her to be fully potty trained. And another 2 weeks before i took her trainers away from her at night

Introducing the potty is the first step in potty training, and you can do that whenever you want, or he shows an interest. With my boys I just sat them on a potty chair when I changed their diaper to help make a connection, or you can let him sit when you go, or depending on how he feels about it just put it out in the living room and let him sit whenever he wants to start, then move it into the bathroom. My boys all potty trained at 2 but I introduced it early and they hated being wet. But don’t stress over it! I worked in child care for a long time and my person opinion is the 3 most important things you can do is introduce the potty early on so it’s not scary, don’t discourage them when they want to sit whether they do anything or not, and don’t stress over how fast or slow the process takes.

Stop comparing. My son wasn’t potty trained till 4 but he has SPD. Slowly introduce, make it fun and don’t force. He will do it when he ready

What kind of super human children are potty trained under 1 and a half😂 (boys i mean) boys are typically a lot more difficult to potty train than girls are. I would be looking for signs. Does your son show any interest in you/his dad using the potty? Does he have interest in wanting to flush the toilet? Is he pulling at his diaper or know any words for “potty, pee, poopoo”? If the answer is no, id say he’s not quite there just yet. Maybe try taking him into the bathroom when you go and sit him on the potty? Explain what you’re doing. Maybe showing him will help him understand better when you do start😁

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