How do you survive sleep regression?

How did you survive the four-month sleep regression? My baby is getting up every single hour at night. Please help! Our current routine is the bath, storytime, nurse, and bed by 730-8. He sleeps in a crib in our room, swaddled with one arm out. Then when he wakes up every hour, I nurse him back to sleep and put him back in the crib. I’m exhausted, any suggestions?!


I co slept and didn’t swaddle


Essentially for babies growth.
I WOULD NOT introduce bad habits to make your life easier. You will regret it in the long run. Its temporary. Just tough it out.


Just keep doing what you’re doing. Enlist help if you have it. It’s a phase and rough on them too as they develop and work out their sleeping patterns. It will pass.

Growth spurt and increasing milk production it will pass

I swaddled and co slept, how old is she ? Is she ready for her own room because she MIGHT be getting broken sleep being in our room . I do slept and mine both slept from 6pm till 7am with one get up for milk until they hit 3 months ish then slept through the whole night so I believe co sleeping worked great for me . Even now they Are 4 and 5 and love their sleep

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Might be hungry, a spoon of pablum should do it

Just keep doing your routine. It will pass eventually. Sleep regressions are hard work. If applicable, Wake up your partner and have him/her help you when you need a break.

Reach out to friends/family. See if someone will come over for a few hours so you can get some sleep.

Skip storytime and do whatever you need to to survive lol i have a 4mo too who hit his regression a little early

I have no advice other than your body adjust and You just get used to it after awhile. My son is 3 1/2 yrs old and has never slept through the night. Still wakes up about every 2 hours. He always has.

I was so ready to do any form of “sleep training” at this point but my dr told me most babies don’t really “get” the concept until 6 months. He told us to hang on for dear life until then. I chose to do CIO because so many of my mom group had great success with it. I was terrified but night one only took him 15 minutes to fall asleep and by night 3 he went to sleep with no fuss. I was still going to do some nighttime nursing sessions but he stopped waking up all night :woman_shrugging: I just nursed him the 2 times a night he woke up and gradually over a few months he dropped those on his own too. I know not everyone has such an easy road with this method but for us it worked like a dream.

My baby had the 4 month regression so bad! I co slept with him for awhile and had his crib in my room. But as soon as I put him in his own room, he started sleeping through the night gradually… babies have a funny way of telling us what they want, and my boy wanted his own space :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: made me sad, but a lot happier sleeping through the night!

Put a little rice cereal in his bottle before bed.he may be going through a growth spurt and need something a little heavier before bed


just keep doing that. if you need/ want to express your milk and have it stored it the freezer so someone else can bottle feed him while you sleep for a few hours

Have you tried massaging him with lotion before bed? It usually puts my baby right to sleep and she sleeps well through the night. Sleep when you can. When baby sleeps you sleep. I know it’s hard the first few months but itll get better with time.

Also dont be afraid to ask someone for help! Have your mom or someone you’re close with watch the baby so you can sleep for a few hrs :slight_smile:

Try putting them to bed a little earlier. That worked for us.

Take your nap the same time.w the baby.

Ask your Dr if you can start giving him a little cereal. All mine were breastfed and started solids at 4 months with their pediatrician’s approval.

You need help you cant do it all as much as we try you get burned out quick may be try not swaddling my baby hated being swaddled