How do you wean your baby from being swaddled?

How did people wean their babies out of swaddles? My baby is 3.5 months old, and I am trying to get her out of a swaddle. She wore the Ollie swaddle since she was born and was either sleeping through the night or waking up only once to eat. Now she is waking up every 3 hours to eat, and is difficult to get back to sleep. I have tried the one arm out for a couple days, both arms out, legs out, etc. with the same results. She gets her arms and legs going and cannot settle them down herself easily. She was born at 36 weeks, and is not rolling over yet- but getting close. Thanks!


She is probably in a growth spurt. They eat more as they get older talk to her dr and see what they say about putting her on more ounce per feeding.

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Little hat and mittens and some kind of socks that are a little loose. Helps just like swaddling. A little pablum to eat right before last feeding of the night will also help alot

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One day my little dude woke up and no more swaddle! Around that age

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Sleep regressions happen it stinks! But it won’t last! She won’t want to be swaddled forever either. There’s also bigger sleep sacks she might like or maybe even a bigger night time feeding! Babies play by their own rules for sure! Good luck mama!

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Most likely she is going through a growth spurt. If she still had the startle reflex and isn’t rolling over yet I would just keep her swaddled and unfortunately you just have to deal with the many feeds.

It’s normal for babies to go through sleep regression at 2,4,6 months. Swaddling is not safe once the baby can roll or make big movements. Some people use the sleep sacks but they scare me personally.

My son was never swaddled and went through the same at about 4 months. His pediatrician said it’s normal at that age for them to go through a bit of sleep regression and wake up more.

Some babies just need to be swaddled. And sleep regressions and growth spurts happen all the time. Mine is 4 months next month and I still use her woobie and love to dream swaddle. There are transitional swaddles in those brands.

She is too old to be swaddled. And you just do it. No weaning. Pull the trigger she will get used to it. Her life depends on it.

My son was so restless without being swaddled. It was like he was being scared and he would jump and his arms and legs would go like u said. When the swaddles got too small I would just wrap him in a bigger blanket. He stayed swaddled until he was like 10 months

I swaddled mine until swaddling gave them discomfort as they wanted to move around more. :woman_shrugging:

My daughter came out sleeping thru the night and around three months she would wake up screaming uncontrollably multiple times through the night and no matter what we did she wouldn’t go back down, when we took her to the doctor they told us she had thrush and after she had medicine for it for a day or two she went right back to her normal sleeping schedule. So I would talk to your pediatrician and see what they think could be going on

My baby is 7 months old and there are still times I have to swaddle her and she falls right to sleep. I use a thin long blanket. I swaddle her and she falls right to sleep it’s very comforting to her. Once I place her in her crib and she’s in a deep sleep I unswaddle her. If u need to do it for the baby to go to sleep and if your scared the baby is going to roll over then unwrap the swaddle when their sleeping. I take the blanket off her and she stays asleep

The magic Mervins baby sleep suite was one of the only things that worked during transition for me. I would pay the $40 a million times over for it

We used a sleep sack that had no holes for the arms, but he could still move them around. Then we used a little carseat newborn head frame/pillow thing to make him feel secure, so he didn’t trigger his falling reflex constantly. Then when he could start rolling over, we got one with the arms out.

She might be cluster feeding

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The zipadee-zip worked great for us

Maybe because shes getting bigger she might be more hungry

I didn’t! I just got bigger blankets and swaddled them with that, using a nappy nippa to fasten it in place. They got over wanting to be swaddled between 6 and 9 months.