How does birth control work?

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Like on a personal level? Um ok the pill never worked for me. Either to much hormone or not enough. The depo … before kids awful not only gained alot of weight but also threw my every thing off… depo after kids still gaining a little weight but manageable works like a dream. That’s all I got lol idk if it helps :joy: knowing my like you ment it different

Your question is a little vague, there’s all different kinds of birth control. But Birth control helps to stop unintended pregnancy. Most kinds stop your body from ovulating, which will prevent your ovaries from releasing eggs. If it’s not taken correctly, you can become pregnant. Which birth control are you trying to ask about? IUDs, The pill? Depo shot? Talking to an OBgyn will help answer your questions too.

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Depends on what birth control we’re speaking of. The pill? IUD? Patch? Implant? They literally all work different


There is chemical birth control and mechanical birth control. Chemical birth control involves using hormone therapy to interrupt a woman’s ovulation cycle. Most common is the “pill” or injection. Mechanical birth control can be the use of condoms, IUD’s, cervical cups or surgical procedures to the man or woman.


This person may be asking the actual science of birth control. Some hormones are used to prevent pregnancy, etc im not sure of it all but thinking that may be the interest of the question


I am turning 27. I have been on the same birth control pills since 14 yrs old. Originally meant to regulate my period and reduce days/heaviness. It all depends on each person’s body. I have taken it faithfully all these years… Some people need non hormonal based birth controls, some need implants, some who already have kids need an IUD, maybe you would rather get a shot every 3 months, or take a pill daily. No one birth control is perfect for everyone. I have been with my husband for 5 years… we have been solely preventing pregnancy with my pill. Nothing else. I haven’t gotten pregnant nor ever a scare. I’ll revisit this question when I stop taking the pill to try to start a family… So I can give any information about what happens once off.

Unfortunately, I have heard negative side effects to all birth control… Hell, to all medications in general… It depends on your preference. The pill was the most effective for me based on my initial concerns to be put on birth control.


Depending on what type you use it can prevent unwanted pregnancies, help regulate your period, and help with hormonal imbalances, when I was a kid my older sister was on a depo shot which made her gain weight but she didn’t have to remember a daily pill, by the time I was a teenager I was put on the pill and later the patch, my cousin has a iud and my bestie has an implant and loves it, it really just depends on you and your lifestyle

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Which kind? There are many different methods of birth control. Essentially, the majority of preventive measures prevent the sperm and egg from connecting. I encourage you to speak with your Dr to figure out which kind is best for you. I also encourage you to be safe regarding diseases as well and not to rely on just birth control. Sexually transmitted infections are increasing at an alarming rate and can cause serious complications and sometimes death. . .


Depends on the method of birth control … condoms and female condoms are a physical barrier to stop sperm from entering, hormonal contraceptive (pill, nuva ring, etc.) are tricking the female reproductive system into thinking you’re already pregnant so the body doesn’t allow nesting in, IUD kinda tricks the system as well but without hormones, a diaphragm works only in combination with a spermicide cream kind of killing off sperms fertility, natural methods usually are about knowing your fertile days and are only really approachable if the cycle is reliable like a clockwork. If you’re interested in some form of birth control just research the specifics of your choice

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Correct information in this topic best come from a medical professional-doctor, planned parenthood not Dearly Moms on FB. If young and doesn’t understand then that is a huge sign to not do the deed in the first place!

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Simple. There’s a lot of choices, different ways how it works. There’s IUD, pills, nexplanon, condoms, depot povera shot and im sure your doctor will say more. There’s natural ways as well such as, withdrawal, calendar, body temp and secretions and more.

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There are many drs and places you can reach out for help. Please find a professional to answer the questions and concerns you may have. Call your local health dept nurse. They will talk to you and send you in the right place. There are many birth control options, there are many reasons why people take them. There are many times when they work great, and also fail. No one here really knows what you are asking or want from this question. Good luck to you!


I don’t like that women on here are shaming other women for having a question. The person asking this may be young. I’d rather someone ask and get the correct information then assume they know and get pregnant with a child they do not want. Women need empowered not put down. We do that to ourselves enough!


I would ask your doctor. Different birth control methods have pros and cons and only you and your doctor can figure out what works best for your body. That’s my 2 cents! Good luck

A recommendation do not use the shot. The pill works if you take it every day at the same time. But it varies with women. The IUD worked well for me but like I said it varies.

When I took the pill it made me nauseous. Of course that’s not the answer you’re looking for though.

They work really well if you take them daily without skipping I took them for 5 years after my daughter and after 5 years when I was ready for my second baby I stoped taking them ask your doctor to help you choosing the right brand

Really depends on the type of birth control. My suggestion see a gynecologist and they can go over the options for you. Not every form of birth control is for everyone and each one works differently. It’s to help prevent pregnancy but can be used for other things such as to regulate periods or help with severe periods and cramping. Good luck.


Some women can’t take the pill. They have side effects. Best thing is to ask your gyn