How does it feel to get your membranes stripped?

Im currently 38 weeks pregnant with my 2nd baby & if she doesn’t come by this week my doctor is planning on stripping my membranes and I’ll be 39 weeks at the next apt … has it worked for anyone else and how uncomfortable/painful is it …


It’s not that bad. Its uncomfortable but it never made me cry. It’s better than a pap smear. It worked for my 3 oldest but not my younger 2 kids. With the older 3 I went into active labor within an hour each time.

I did it with both kids. Didn’t work for me. But it’s not super painful. Maybe like a three if we got 1 to 10 and it’s only for like ten seconds so.

It doesn’t hurt. But you’ll prob be cramping a bunch afterwards. It worked for me. I was 5 days overdue tho. He stripped it in the morning then all day I had cramps and went to the hospital that night in labor already dilated 5 cm. 8 hours later had my daughter.

I had mine stripped with my 2nd baby and honestly it wasn’t to bad, a little uncomfortable at first, it kinda felt like cramps for me anyway it did. It took me a few days to get her out.

My daughter had hers done and went into labor had baby few hrs later

I’ve never had mine done so I wouldn’t know what it feels like, but I might request it with this one for 39 weeks cause it’s my 4th and I’m 27 weeks been miserable almost entire time.

Why interfere before 40+ weeks?

It can hurt. Also comes with some risks, so make sure to research and ask questions.

I had it done with my 3 pregnancy. I was terrified because my friend said it was horrific. I felt nothing :woman_shrugging:t3: and it didn’t work for me anyway. I was a week overdue and ended up induced

a little uncomfortable but not that bad. If it gets things in the right direction I say worth it!

For me it was very painful. But any time the dr checked me it was extremely painful bc my son had dropped so low. But by the time I made it home, I was having extreme contractions. Then by the time I made it to the hospital I was 7cm dilated…it made everything happen so quick.

Awkward is the only way to describe but worth it for mine

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Once stripped baby may come next day😁!

I am 39 weeks + 4 days and had my membranes stripped today. I was so nervous as everyone told me it would be super painful. I honestly did not feel any type of pain or discomfort during and didn’t experience any cramping or discomfort after. I did lose my mucus plug a few hours later, but so far no contractions or any pain or bleeding.

I honestly didn’t even notice I was getting it done when it happened. I was 39 weeks & 3cm dilated at my appt. She checked my cervix & then did the sweep which only lasted like 30 seconds all together! We all know those exams are uncomfortable to begin with! But it didn’t hurt. Just know that I had mine done and didn’t have my little man until 8 days later! It caused cramping & bleeding that’s it :frowning: every one has a different experience though!


I didnt feel too much of anything. It never really worked. With my first it was done 2x and I still had to be induced at 41w. With myb5th for the first time ever I seen my bloodybshow after having it done earlier that day. I did get cramps too afterwards, but unknown how successful it was as I was scheduled to be induced the next morning and labor took 12 hours.

It felt like cramps for me. With my oldest I had it done and it didn’t do anything. He was 4 days late. My youngest was 6 days late and I had it done twice :woman_shrugging:

It was really painful with my first kid and not at all with my second. Didn’t work both times

It worked for two out my four kids I’ll have it done with this next baby I’m having to. It didn’t hurt to bad.