How does teeth brushing go with your kids?

Hi everyone, I wonder how do you manage teeth brushing with your kids. Could you please share your experiences: how old is your child and how do you clean his/her teeth, how did you get them to clean their teeth themselves, and where did you get the information’s what you have to do at a specific age and when you should go to the dentist, etc., Thank you and happy thanksgiving


Take them with you when you go to clean your own teeth. Show them as your doing it yourself.
Cleaning for them is just the same. Give them their own cup of water to use to rinse. Once my daughter started brushing her teeth herself , she brushed
her own teeth 3-5 times a day. Take them to the dentist around 5 years old.

I supervise and assist a little, make sure they get the back corners. I set a 2 min timer on my phone. I’ve got 4 kiddos, 3 with completely healthy teeth. 1 has had caps in every corner. They all eat the same, brush the same, but he struggles. The dentist said breathing and sleeping habits could be the difference between.

We didn’t start going to the dentist until age 4. Our dentist doesn’t take children earlier than that unless they have an emergency or referral from the pediatrician, but each practice is different. Our pediatrician checked their teeth at well-visits and applied varnish once a year. When we were brush training I would have them brush their teeth with a timer and I would check and brush them again for them. I let them brush mine too to understand the concept of it. Thankfully we have zero cavities.

We took our kiddo to dentist at age 3. (This year)

She has trouble wanting to brush her teeth. For the longest time, I brushed them for her. She hated it and even cried sometimes. After the dentist she started brushing herself, but not well enough. Its been easiest for me to brush mine while she is brushing. She mimics me, and then I do a quick brush on her myself.

My oldest has been going to the dentist since a year old, because she had a mouth full of teeth at a year old. We brush teeth morning and night. The first 3 years I had to wrap her in a towel and brush just to keep her still because she fought me so badly.
She is now 5 and she brushes herself, then me or her dad will go behind and make sure we got all the “sugar bugs” out of her mouth.
It really helped us when we told her princesses have to brush their teeth to keep pretty princess teeth :grin:

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They should start seeing a dentist at 1 years old even if they only have a couple teeth… My 3rd child is 3 i use little kids toothpaste with no fluoride. ( no fluoride until they can continously spit out the toothpaste) brush them fist and sing him the brushing teeth song I learned from work. Then when I’m done brushing them for a couple of minutes I let him brush them. I stay with him and remind him to get the back and brush his tounge. When he’s done I floss. Sometime he fights me and I tell him I’ll do it first then you can do it. Sometimes I have to say it a few times before he caves in and let’s me do it.My older children are 7 and 10 they started brushing their teeth without assistance around 6. But a couple times a week I still floss them to make sure its done right.

My kids both started brushing before they had teeth-I used a soft cloth. Then brushed fluoride free until they learned not to swallow the toothpaste. My oldest is 6 and I still supervise brushing and flossing and he has never had a cavity. Youngest is 3 and cavity free. They both had their first dentist appointment at 1.


My little girl is 14 months and I started brushing her teeth when she first got teeth, id use warm water and a soft brush at first but now she uses tooth paste and she just started doing it on her own because she has grew up watching me get ready in the bathroom so i started asking her if she wanted to brush her teeth. However I have to help her sometimes. But we have not been to the dentist yet with her. Im gonna wait till she gets some molars in :blush: hope this helps!

first toorh start brushing help until older

My kids started going to the dentist at 1. No major issues with either and they both loved having their teeth cleaned

We brushed guns as a baby and when they got their first tooth we brushed those. Now they are two 4 and 6 and they wake up brush teeth and go to the livingroom. You have to start younge and work it into their routine

I started brushing her teeth as soon as they got them. She is almost 2 now I brush her teeth first then I let her brush them while I brush mine. Then we floss with the crayola floss sticks.

My daughter is 3. I tell her there’s sugar bugs in her mouth and she needs to let me help if she wants them all gone. She has a Frozen toothbrush and Little Mermaid toothpaste that she’s always excited about. Our ped said kids typically shouldn’t be brushing their teeth by themselves/unsupervised until they’re about 7. Oh, and we took her for her first dental cleaning last year when she was about 2.5.

My daughter is two and likes to brush her teeth. I scrub them first and when I’m done cleaning them I let her “brush them” herself for a bit while I brush mine. She loves it.

My son is 4 and usually I’ll let him brush first then I will tell him let mommy make sure you got them real good and I’ll brush them just for good measure

My daughter is only 15 months (tomorrow) I put her on the kitchen counter then tip her back with her head in my arm, then grab her free arm from behind with my hand, then I say open and she fights it, but eventually it gets done lol

My 2yo has been using his tooth brush for months, since he’s been able to walk and follow me around. I brush my teeth while he brushes his and then I take his electric one he knows he can’t have and he lets me brush his myself

I had to physically hold my son down as a toddler and force him to have his teeth brushed… now at 11 in have to remind him every day or he won’t do it also.m

I do the ‘brush brush’ and make it a game, it’s still hit and miss. Sometimes my son will, most of the time he won’t, HV told me the more you force it, the harder it is… Every child is different. Make it a game and work from there…