How effective is roagine for females?

I’ve always had pretty healthy hair nice and thick I just turned 30, and I’m really starting to notice some thinning around the temples not enough for you see bald spots, but I can definitely tell. I haven’t colored my hair in a few years, so most of it’s grown out, but there are some blond ends. I’m also noticing my hair is more brittle and breaking off, not only where it’s been colored but my natural hair. I’ve gone months without doing anything but are drying and recently blew dry and then lightly straightened, and I already noticed the damage. Is Rogaine effective? I don’t want to take pills if they’re not going to work what I can do? I use a protectant on my hair if I ever use heat products, and I do want to be able to curl and straighten my hair, but I’m really scared it’s all going to get major damage. Please help!


My mother used it when she lost entire patches throughout her head averaging 2 inches in diameter (hereditary). It grew back pretty well.

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if you start using Rogaine you will have to continue to use it to maintain the effects, so I would only use it as a last resort. go talk to your doctor, thyroid problems can cause hair loss.

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Have your thyroid and iron levels checked also. That can cause hair loss

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I haven’t used it but I haven’t heard good things about it

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Vitamins. Poor blood circulation could be to blame as well. Talk to your doctor

Take vitamins especially ones for hair. Nioxin and Rogaine are temporary but changing your diet and adding vitamins will help alot.

Biotin is good for hair & nails, eat nutritious food, get a good cut that works well with the hair you have where you can just wash and go. Exercise to get your heart rate up to increase your circulation.

There is a system you can get online. Nioxin shampoo conditioner and mouse. I was losing my hair after two surgeries. It worked for me. Good luck

Yup, take a prenatal, get your thyroid checked, and give your hair a little time without harsh treatment of any kind. Some good masks and no heat or dying, especially box dye which can have some nasty chemicals.


It could also be a vitamin D deficiency. I had the same thing happen and they had to give me prescription vitamin D.

Rogaine is actually pretty nasty. It builds up and then when you stop using it, your hair falls back out. First, talk to your dr and make sure it’s not an internal thing!! Health can play a major factor in your hair. Second, aveda makes a product line called Invati. It’s a 3 step system that will clean your folicles, thicken and condition your existing hair, and a spray helps new growth. I know there are a lot of other systems out there but not all of them are food for your existing hair. Good luck, I hope all is well!!!

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Same thing happened to me. Figured out it was my birth control. I had my IUD, Mirena removed.My hair started to regrow. I take biotin daily. Also started using shampoo with biotin in it. I stopped using curling and flat iron. Also no hair dryer. A year later and my hair is so much thicker.

Taking biotin may help-it is great for hair and nails-takes about a month till you would notice

Hormones checked…had the same problem, used rogaine for women, also used spectralf7, working well, it is a lifelong treatment.

The problem with rogaine is you have to always use it. If you stop using it your hair will go back to the same problems.

You might also have your thyroid checked it can cause thinning brittle hair


Have your hormones checked first. Biotin is also a good over the counter vitamin that helps.

You may want to get your thyroid checked if you haven’t already.

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Try wow shampoo and conditioner it worked wonders for my hair ans it was coming out in fist fulls

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