How far along were you when you could feel your baby move?

So I’m a first time mama. I’m 23 & 3 right now. I know because its my first baby most people say it may take a little longer to feel him move, I think I can feel him sometimes but I’m not 100% sure. I guess my question is, how far along were you before you could really feel baby move?


16 weeks were flutters 17 weeks was for sure babe , this is my 3rd and it was same week for all.

19 weeks with number 1, 16 weeks with number 2v

Up until i was about 5/6 months it was just flutters for me. And then from then on out it was baby

I felt mine around 20 weeks with my first, my 4th and last child i had an anterior placenta and barely ever felt her and when i did it was very soft compared to the other 3.

Depends on your height and shape too.

Usually about 18 weeks for my first three. I’m currently pregnant with my fourth and it took til almost 23 weeks to feel movement.

Depends on YOU & your body. I’m very thin so I felt mine earlier than my sis or friends.

I’m a ftm too and I started feeling my baby girl at 19 weeks, I’m 21 almost 22 weeks now and I’ve started feeling her a lot more frequently and her kicks have gotten stronger! Everyone is different!

I felt my first at 15 weeks, but it was very light flutters so I almost thought I imagined it the first time

It feels like gas/butterflies at first. You may not even notice it yet. You will probably start to feel more distinct kicks in the next few days/weeks

16.5-17 weeks with my first and 12ish weeks with my second. I didn’t feel really strong movements with #1 until I was about 23-24 weeks though.

If your placenta is in the front it can take longer to feel as well…with my first my placenta was in front it was about 20-22wks when I really started to feel light kicks. Before that it was almost like on a rollercoaster getting that “drop” feeling… like baby was rolling around.


I remember being at a ultra sounds at 19 weeks and he was moving and I could feel it.

I’d say during this pregnancy (#3) I felt very good movement around 20 weeks and during my 1st and 2nd pregnancies maybe a week or 2 earlier then 20 weeks

But it was only little flutters here and there with my first two pregnancies. I didn’t feel any of that with my 3rd because of my planceta placement. I only can feel the really strong movements and I’m 3 days shy of turning 23 weeks

Honestly, i dont rightly remember its been so long for me lol :smirk: but at 23 weeks baby is 11 inches long and weighs a little over a pound so yeah, im pretty sure you can feel him moving now :blush: thats the best thing about being pregnant, feeling baby wiggle :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:

I think it depends on how in tune to your own body you are. I felt my son move around 15 weeks, and then it just kept getting stronger and more frequent as time went on.

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I’m a FTM as well and I’m currently 17 weeks and just started to feel little movements. I can only feel them when I am sitting and laying in certain positions for an extended amount of time. It’s very infrequent too some days I feel a lot and some days I feel really nothing.

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I felt her around 25 weeks, I’m 35 now