How far along were you when you felt the baby move?

Hi mamas, just wondering about which week of pregnancy you felt your baby move? Thanks in advance!


17 weeks 3 days :grin: SUPER early!

I didnt start feeling movement until around 20 weeks

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My first was 22 weeks
Second 13 weeks
Third 16 weeks

With my first pregnancy it was at around 20 weeks. With my son, 12 weeks.

1st about 16 weeks.
2nd around 22 weeks(anterior placenta makes movement less noticeable)

My first was around 20 weeks and my second was about 12 weeks

Depends on how the baby is setting .

18 weeks with anterior placenta

First one was 13, my current one was 9 and I can tell the difference between gas and flutters to anyone who wants to comment on my comment

First was about 16 weeks I believe. I’m currently 11 weeks and I’m pretty sure I’ve felt movement atleast twice when I’m laying down.

I was 26 weeks with my son and 18+ weeks with my daughter

First 16 weeks, second 10 weeks

16 weeks. Fluttering at least. Noticeable, “This is a kick” motion was about 19.

I’m a FTM and I felt a movement once or twice early on but I have just started feeling semi regular movement for the past week or so and I’m 19 + 4.

1st- 20-21 weeks
2nd- 17 weeks
3rd- 19 weeks (anterior placenta)

Around 20 weeks with 1 and 2. 18 weeks with 3 and 15 with baby# 4

18 - 19 weeks and felt her from the outside 22 weeks.

16 wks for first two, around 19-20 weeks with my last one

4 months, felt like gas bubbles but in the wrong place…lol