How far along were you when you gave birth?

How far along were you when you had your first? I’m 39 weeks tomorrow and 1 cm dilated. I have a feeling I’ll be pregnant for a while!


I was 42 weeks when I had my girl

40 weeks 2 days with my first!

I was 38 weeks with both

Day after my due date. But went into labor on my due date

My first was 40w3d
My second was 36w2d

33 weeks
34 weeks

All babies were

41 weeks with my first and induced at 38 weeks with my second

37 weeks and 2 cm dialated

40w1d with both, but went into labour on both of their due dates

40 weeks. Try bouncing on an exercise ball and do some walking to help:) I didn’t when I went in and regret not trying now. Anything you’ve read or if you have a doula ask!!

Due date baby. The day before I had him I had zero signs that I would be going into labor any time soon

I was 35 weeks and I was 4 1/2 cm. Didn’t even know it. I worked all day and that night went into the emergency room for bleeding and they said I was having a baby😬

Day before my due date

40 weeks and 1 day! From that moment I knew he was going to be stubborn and boy has he lived up to it…his due date was 9/18 and I started having contractions at 1:30am 9/19 :joy::joy:

I went into labor on my due date !

39+1 (induced)

41 weeks and was induced

41+5 and an after an almost 72 hr induction

40+5 days and when I went in I was only a half a cm dilated