How far along were you when you had your baby shower?

When did you guys have your baby shower? Like how far along were you? I’m due in February (24 weeks today) and feel like it’s too early but want to do it before it gets super cold out.


Whenever you want to have it mama girl :heart_eyes: congratulations! I pray for a healthy pregnancy and safe delivery for you and baby!

When I was due in early March I had mine at the end of November. Too much hustle and bustle before and after Christmas. It went perfectly

After the 3rd trimester.

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36 weeks. My cousin and I were due with in a week of each other it was a joint shower

I’ve always done it a month or two before. I’m pregnant now and my family is throwing one at the beginning of November and I’m due in December. After you find out gender it’s really up to you when you would like to have one.

I was due at the end of January and had mine the middle of November theres too much going from thanksgiving to new years and by January I felt it was too close to my due date!

I’m due mid February and I’m having mine the week before thanksgiving. If it weren’t for the holidays sure I would wait a little longer… BUT throwing a baby shower between thanksgiving and Christmas is just too much for me personally. Between work schedules, holiday shopping, and possible snow storms too, I just want to be safe. Good luck Momma! :heart:

For my Son I was due in March, we did his baby shower in February. It gave some of our family and friends time to recoup from the holidays! I personally think anytime after you know the gender would be appropriate. If you want do it before the Holidays and before the snow (based on your state) starts flying. We had a major snow storm a day or two before my baby shower and then freezing rain the day of.

Praying for a healthy pregnancy and safe delivery for you and your baby!:heart:

I’m due in January and having mine early November at 30 weeks because I’m afraid of how the weather will get especially with how 2020 is already going lol.

I honestly don’t even remember. Lol

I had mine after the baby was born! Did a little meet and greet a couple weeks after birth.


Im having mine next Saturday, ill be 32 weeks.

I was due January 22 and had my shower mid October because i didn’t want to compete with weather and holidays.

I’m due feb 7 and having my baby shower in November before the holidays

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I’m due February 26th we’re having the shower January 8th

First time I was 35 weeks. I didn’t have one with my second because it was another boy, but my third was a girl so I had another one at 36 weeks. She was born the next day lol

With my son, 25-27 weeks & he was born at 35. With my daughter had a shower at 35/36 weeks, she came at 40w. My opinion, earlier is better because u never know.

With my last baby it was a week before my due date lol. With the others I believe a month or so before. But you do whatever you want! Whatever will make it easiest for yourself

I did mine at 28 weeks. But there was also a good chance I would have the baby early. Which I did by almost a month