How hard is traveling with a toddler?

Are we bringing an 18-month-old on a 21-hour road trip one way. . . torture for the child or manageable? My SO and I are in a vast disagreement. We can’t fly, and I want us to visit family in the Spring. I have it all planned out so that only about 3 of 14 days will have about 5 hours of day driving; everything else will be us taking turns at night. We will have nine days of actual free vacation time and five days, where we will have to drive. My SO thinks if we go, we should only drive at night or else it is torture and horrible for our daughter. What are your guys’ honest opinions on a toddler for a long road trip?

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Your baby will be fine just bring things to entertain them portable DVD player books little toys and a snack. Make a few stops so the baby can get out and stretch their legs. But they’ll be okay

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I have an 18 month old and wouldn’t personally do it with mine, but to each his own!

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My child can barely handle 2 hours. I feel so bad for them too. Though with many breaks I think it should be fine.

I would drive at night while they sleep.

My daughter was 13m when we did a 36 hr road trip. She was fine. Better than older kids tbh

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My daughter’s dad lives in Texas and I’ve driven 22hrs straight through with her when she was a toddler (she is now 7). Obviously we would stop a long the way to stretch our legs and let her play. She did so good! I was fortunate enough to have a portable DVD player and that kept her enertertained almost the whole time.

I’ve driven with 3 kids, and drove 33 hrs. I drove during the day and slept at night, I had a 9mon, 3, and a 5 yr old. They watched movies while we drove. When I stopped to fill gas I made sure it was by somewhere we could eat and they could run for a min then back on the road again. They did fine.?

We drove from home (Tennessee) to Myrtle beach (South Carolina) with a 6 year old, almost 2 year old, and newborn. My two year old did good the first half. The second half he screamed constantly! It was awful and wouldnt recommend it. The other two kids never made a peep. I would say 5 hours would be about the maximum daily limit, but idk your child. Bring lots of distractions, toys, coloring, play games.

Nope we did a 14-hour trip when my son was that age well it was supposed to be 14 hours it took us about 20 do not recommend

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Drive mostly when baby needs naps. This way she is asleep and you get driving done.

I traveled with my son on a 16hour trip from tx to Florida, want that bad actually. Till around the evening when they got ready for bed and head been stuck in a carseat all day, just be sure to stop to change the baby. Time can get away when you driving that long.

I think it depends on the child. How is hours in the car usually? Go ny that.

I took my son, who turned 2 the week before we went, on a 23 hour road trip from Maine to Alabama. We took 3 days to drive there and 3 days to drive back. I was dreading going and expected him to hate it but he never cried or complained at all. I made sure to pack plenty of snack, bring lots of toys to keep switching out, and a portable DVD player. We took lots of breaks and made sure to have lots of things to entertain him. We are planning to do it again at the end of this month and he will just be 2 1/2!

I’d much rather fly. I fly by myself with our 3 boys to visit my husband when he works. They’ve been 8,3 and an infant and above.

We drove 22 hrs when the boys were 10,4 and 2(ish) and that was a long hard drive.

I would absolutely try and drive as much as you can when you baby is sleeping try and push threw it.

We have found that too many stops and they just don’t want to get back in the car :joy:

The vacation will be worth it!

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We were hit by a tornado when driving from chicago to Saskatchewan. I’ll never do it again.

If the kid makes it through it he will hate cars for a while after. Mine did a 1 day trip each way and cried everytime she got into a car for about 2 weeks.

Drive at night lol. We drove to florida which is anout 24hrs straight thru. We left around 2am so they would sleep half the way. It was perfect.

Our son was 6 months when we took him cross country. We drove during the day time with plenty of breaks to stretch and feed him and stayed in motels during the night. He did fine.

Torture for her… means torture for you too. Lol!! Unless you do 4 hours in the am… and 4 at night. Take a long break in between