How honest should I be with my children about where babies come from?

My seven &8-year-old boy and girl are intrigued to see where baby’s come from and want to watch videos to find out I told them they came from a woman’s front bottom felt so awkward as they wanted to know everything from the moment I was pregnant and till the moment I gave birth I know it’s a silly question but how far would you go would you show them videos would you tell them if there were complications etc.


I told my 8 and 5 year old everything


I was seven and in the room when my brother was born. Even cut the cord. My parents explained everything to me and i saw the video of my own birth.


Just be honest and use age appropriate words. My twins didnt believe me when I told them I got them at a 2 for 1 sale at the baby store😂


Yes and don’t use words like pee pee or cookie, use real words the boys have a penis and girls have a vagina.

I told mine that I kinda pooped them out😂

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If they are asking then explain. You dont need to go into all the details. I explained to my then 9&8 year olds because I was pregnant


My son is 8 and he is very interested in my pregnancy. I explain pretty much everything to him. I wouldn’t go as far as showing him birthing videos lol but he knows about everything.

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Well, my then 4 year old ask. And I’m as honest as I can be with them.

I simply told her your front butt. And she paused…said well atleast its not your back butt cause that would be NASTYYYY and never brought it up again. Lmao


“Front bottom” ? I’d worry about teaching them basic anatomy before worrying about where babies come from. But just tell them everything in age appropriate terms


“Where do you think babies come from?” That leading question will tell you how to proceed.


I think I’d explain it before I show them lol it might be a bit much

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I showed my four year old a c section and a vaginal birth because she asked, she was so amazed by it that she now says shes gonna be a OB doc.


Honestly bore them with the facts. My parents did the same thing when I asked the same question as a kid


A woman’s front bottom? It’s called a Vagina… Vagina is not a dirty word and should be called what it is.

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Tell them everything

Be honest and open with them. There are child friendly educational videos for that online. You watch alone first to make sure u find the one you feel good about…let them watch it, and then have a super honest conversation about everything. You want them to be open and honest with you as they get older?, then set the right example now…
Its human nature…its natural…its real life. Better to come from you then some other random kid in the playground with wrong information


We started talking about periods and how
their bodies work at 5. Then just expanded every year. By 8&9 they knew it all mostly. They are 11&12 now and we’ve expanded into STDs, birth control and the extreme responsibility it is deciding to have sex.
That it is a great and wonderful thing but can come with some sever consequences and.


I showed my soon to be 5year old a birthing video

I’d lay it all on the table… no reason to hold back. Better they learn from you then someone else.