How is COVID effecting your life?

Where does everyone live & how is covid-19 affecting your life? I’m in Manitoba, Canada. Right now, we have about 3-400 cases per day, 8-12 deaths per day. Most nonessential businesses are closed, stores that are open are unable to sell nonessential goods. Masks are mandatory in public places; we are not supposed to socialize with anybody we don’t live with and are urged to stay at home and only leave for essential reasons. Just curious to see how other places in the world are handling things. I’m getting depressed being isolated since March!


Buffalo area really bad we need to go red

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Texas the DFW area and it’s bad we have to wear mask out and they cut back to 50% in store bars have to close again

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I am in a small town in the midwest. Our county of 25000 has had only 1481 cases so 6 percent only.

I live in Iowa. Its a complete shit show with basically no rules. We finally got a mask mandate…kind of. And bars close at 10 pm. Thats about it. We were having close to 5,000 cases a day which is why we got a few mandates

Iam in Ontario and our case count has been well into the thousands for weeks… and it’s basically the same thing here as well no socializing with anyone that is not in the home

NY - Having to wear masks and be 6-feet apart but businesses are still open and selling whatever. Restaurants are outside or take-out and many non-essential are still closed for in person but still selling in other fashions. Liquor stores are booming :rofl:

Other than the masks most of my life is still quite the same and unchanged. We both are essential workers.

Oh and of 162,464 tests done yesterday only 9,335 were positive. Of which 4,835 hospitalized and 74 deaths.

Bad here where I’m at in New York :pensive::pensive::pensive:

I’m in Ohio. My county is purple right now. Everything is open, but 10 pm curfew for bars/restaurants to close and have to wear masks everywhere. I found out I was pregnant with my second at the beginning of November and just found out that my fiancé has COVID. I get tested tomorrow. It’s all so scary and uncertain right now, but I guess just taking it a day at a time.

UK, and we had a second lockdown for two weeks but not a full one so it was pointless tbh, shops were open apart from non essential, schools are plagued atm kids off for two weeks a time to go back and be back off again its ridiculous, have to wear masks out unless medical reasons, i have depression and anxiety anyway but alot worse now, take care stay safe x


We are very lucky In Australia :australia: most of our restrictions have eased just social distances in place now have only had one case in over 30 days
I truly feel for everyone suffering through this at the moment and hope your lockdown helps ease the pandemic


Long Island New York is getting bad again ( not that it was ever good) but cases are spiking…
it’s only a matter of time before a stay at home order is in place again
People are being very careless
Masks are mandatory everywhere but it’s not enough

I’m in New Brunswick, Canada we have around 5-10 new cases daily

My poor kids can’t even see their dad unless it’s through a window because he does not live in the home !!! Breaks my heart that they will spend Xmas without their dad besides FaceTime


Sending much love to you! We are in WA Australia we have been so lucky, we did a total lock down which nearly everyone did do, and our borders were completely closed until this month. We haven’t had any cases (apart from international travelers coming home that have to quarantine in a secure designated hotel for 2 weeks) we are very lucky, most people moaned as it has separated families for months but we are able to live our lives like normal. I really hope the rest of the world can get through this, it’s so very sad x


We are in Oklahoma in USA and our state is reporting 1,500-5,000 cases approx a day and between 5-25 days per day. It really has went up the last 2 weeks and expect to more with holidays coming up. We are currently at home with our 3 year old has tested positive.

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I’m in MN, bars have closed for a second time and restaurants are take out and delivery only. Schools are full distance learning. Our Governor suggests no socializing with people outside your household.

I’m in the US and a lot of small businesses are failing. We have to wear masks everywhere and my kids are only going to school online. Being in the military, we have tight travel restrictions too. It’s been tough!

I am in Wisconsin. We had a lockdown a long time ago it was lifted months ago, but still masks in public, 6feet apart and most businesses are open. This really did not affect my family. Personally we have enjoyed staying at home. Although order was lifted months ago we still maintain only going for essentials. We have enjoyed our time as a family and have gotten much needed at home projects done!

Norman, OK our governor is a joke. Its not a matter of if but a matter of when shut downs begin again. Kids are doing online school and its a joke.

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