How is it having kids 10-years-apart?

I just found out im pregnant. My kids would be ten years apart. I foresee this being viewed as a major rift for my daughter instead of a blessing. Does anyone have advice? Anyone have kids 10 years apart? How’s it going??


Mine are 28 25 16 and 11. Loved my post 40 play baby. They all do great

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My sister and I are 18 years apart. She’s still fun! I love her as well.

My kids will be ten years or more when I have another :slightly_smiling_face:

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Kids are 22, 20, 19, 17, 8 and 6… the teens do teen stuff and the kids do kids stuff. Spend time together on video games, art and family activities.

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my oldest and youngest are 9yrs apart… the older child was not happy at first but once the baby got here he was alot of help and proud to be the big brother.

I have two daughters there ten years apart and a little boy on the way my 10 year old just is to cool sometimes but most always she is the best help and big sister they adore each other :heart_eyes: just when she is super fussy it’s annoying to my 10 year old ha

My kids are 7 years apart. My son the oldest has a love/hate most of them time with my daughter… they are total opposites as well. He can occupy himself 100% she needs someone to tell her what to do when to do and how. She is ADHD and ODD, he is cool calm and collected. My son and Brother are 7 yrs apart… love each other but never were alike… my sister and brother 7 years apart… love one another to death!

Mine are 17, 15, and 6. My 17 year old and 6 year old are best friends! They are seriously each other’s favorite people. I’m a single mom so I’ve been incredibly grateful to have my old 2 to help babysit!

My 3 year old and 13 year old are really great together. He loves her to death and she is like a second mom.

My husband’s mom had her two ten yrs apart…he is 10yrs older than his sister lol when the youngest is little the older one can help and when they are grown it doesn’t matter they like the same :rofl:

Mine are 17,14,and 5 and they do just fine

Mine are 19 and 12. They fight and hate each other. Have since day 1.

My life right now except my oldest is 12yrs, and I have twin 10 year olds all boys and just gave birth to a baby girl. So far boys are super protective of her and they are all back to watching preschool aged shows because “she likes it”.

me and my youngest sister are 10 years apart and it was nice for my mom because i could help with her when she was younger. now she can be annoying sometimes but we still get along and i can still help her when my mom has work and is busy with rides and such.

My oldest son is 11 and I have a two month old … he absolutely adores his brother and the feeling is mutual… Sometimes my 11 year old gets a little jealous of the time spent with the baby but he absolutely adores him looking forward to see what the relationship becomes

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Mine are 3 and 13. Its just great lol. rolls eyes they get along good for the most part.

Welp I’m 30 and my baby brother is 2. I love him and it makes for interesting conversation but it’s just kinda whatever. I’m like wayyy older though so it’s not much help but as the older sibling constantly having to explain how TF there is such an age Gap gets pretty annoying

My oldest and youngest are 10 years apart he helped out quite a bit hes over it now that shes 3 lol

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It’s hard cause my attention goes to the younger kids, which one has autism

Mine are 8 years apart and quite honestly sometimes it’s no different than if they were Irish twins​:woman_facepalming::tired_face::rofl: The big one messes with the little 1 so much that now tdee the little 1 has the same sense of humor as my oldest which is basically just aggravating and messing with someone is hilarious so now even when the oldest is not antagonizing then the little 1 is​:laughing: But they love the shit out of each other and are both really protective of 1 another!