How is it having kids 18-months apart?

Please, no judgment, but my husband and I have two children, two years old and ten months old. They are only 18 months apart. We want to have a total of 4 children. We are very open to and excited about the prospect of them all being 18 months apart, as crazy as that is. I feel I am in a good place, and it’s important to me personally to be relatively young when childbearing. But, I wanted to get some real stories from other Moms with three and under. I was reading that it can be unhealthy to get pregnant less than a year apart and that you should optimally wait 18-24 months, but that feels too long for us So Moms with three kids 18ish months apart: how are you doing?? What is your advice? Did your doctors have any concerns with your third pregnancies being so close to the other two? Did you get a lot of flack from others, and if so, how did you handle it? Any words of wisdom would be appreciated! Thank you so much!


My kids are 1 yr 2 weeks apart. They have a twin like language its so sweet. They wrestle and all. But i wouldnt change it for my life.
Side note my teeth are fucked.
And took me 2 yrs to lose weight. Tell ppl to mind their own business

All of my boys (I have 4) are 2 years almost exactly apart! I LOVE it!! And they are now age 19, 17,15,13

My oldest 2 girls are 15 months apart. It was hard but they basically get to go through everything together lol

Mine are 13 months and 3 days apart… I was told not to get pregnant for awhile so my body can heal… I had 1st natural and 2nd c section… I love having my babies so close now they are 1 and 2!

My middle and third child are 19 months apart. Best friends most days, but when they fight THEY fight. It is so crazy. But I love having them so close in age!

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Theres 14 months between my eldest 2 child 3 and 4 have 14 month between them child 4 and 5 have 16 month between them currently pregnant with child 6 but my little girl is 2 n half now

My son was born Aug 10th 2016 & my daughter was born Aug 27th 2017. It is stressful & overwhelming but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I, however, am waiting to have another until my kids hit kindergarten. Everyone is different though, right now im just sucking up all the love from my little loves I have right now.


Mine are 10 months apart and it was much easier than the 8 year age gap I had between 1 and 2

Ive had all my kids pretty close together i have 7,6,5 and then 2 almost 1 and im 32 wks pregnant. Dr and midwife havent been concerned more just me needing a break but we’re done have kids are last two were birthcontrol babies so hubbys getting snipped

My first and second are 14 months apart no problems xx

My grandmother had 4 kids each a year apart. She is still kicking at 83! Do it!

I have 4 girl 5 3 1 year old and 2 month old

My two youngest are 11 months apart. We have 7,5, 3 and 2. There was concerns with my last pregnancy being so close because I had a csection but everything was fine. They all play great together but as all kids do, they sometimes fight and bicker.

18 month gap is Awesome. My first 2 awesome. Best age gap!! In my opinion.
I have Irish twins so not even a year apart. That’s hard work( together) and they still are at almost 5 and 6 lol

I’m honestly impressed/jealous you guys have had the chance to time children like this. Our bean has been like a natural birth control for us, because she’s always been clingy and a light sleeper. Even when we get the chance, it’s rarely the time of the month when I’m fertile lmao!


They are 1yr & 2weeks apart & the best of friends.

I love it! I have a boy and a girl and it’s awesome.

I have a three year old who just turned three November 22nd and a 1 year old who will turn two on March 12th and a 5 month old, it is hard, i try to give them all the attention they need and it seems impossible :pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face: getting them all on the same sleep schedule is nearly impossible :pleading_face: and so i don’t get much sleep, but honestly can’t imagine it any other way :crazy_face::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::crazy_face::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I had four children they were born in 1976,1978,1980, and 1983 , I had no problem raising them, most of the time I was a single daddy