How is it transitioning from 1 kid to 2?

I just found out I’m pregnant with our second little one. Our first is 16 months old & I’m so nervous about how we’ll handle 2 little ones so close in age, especially as the oldest is so dependent on me right now. I’m still currently breastfeeding and cosleeping. Any other mamas that went through the same thing? How hard was the transition from 1 to 2?


From one to two was the hardest. Now I have 6 :crazy_face: but only 4 under our roof.

Just plan ahead. Allow yourself extra time and set a schedule.0

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Well, just about everyone does it, so… :joy:


Mine are 17 months apart. Just find a schedule that works for you and always included your oldest in everything that way they dont feel left out or replaced by the new baby

Mine oldest two are 15 months apart. I freaked out and when my 2nd was born it was like we never were without her. It comes so naturally. Have faith mama :heart:

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Mine are just under 2 years apart. It’s pretty easy at first. But once they can play with each other and raise hell, :sweat_smile: game on. I should also note I have 2 boys. They’re just nuts. The first 8 months with my second were fine, then he got to walking and they haven’t stopped being crazy yet.

My oldest was just under 2 when my middle was born and he was so great about it. He absolutely adored his baby brother the second he saw him and he always wanted to help and keep “his baby” happy and safe. Same with when my middle met my youngest.
Now they just fight all the time and drive me crazy but the transition is easy, it’s when they get used to each other that it starts to get harder.


My boys are 15 mos apart. It was definitely an adjustment but I wouldn’t have it any other way! It will take time to find a routine that works for y’all but you can do it! :heart:

My daughter turned one a month before I had my son it was actually easier them being close in age they have always been close still to this day

Transitioning from 2 to 3 was harder for me than 1 to 2.


At the beginning was hard but later we get used to it. You’ll b fine in no time! :yellow_heart:

It’s fine and best thing ever. Mine are 13 months apart and best friends.

Stop breast feeding and cosleeping


1 to 2 was fine. 2 to 3 sucked a big one!!

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Mine are 8 years apart and it’s been SUPER hard. I think it would have been easier if they had been closer in age. Congrats!

Mine are 19 and 20 now, but they are only 14 months apart. There were definitely challenges, but I wouldn’t change it for the world! I felt 2 was easier than 1 especially once they got a little older and could entertain each other. My 3rd will be 3 in a couple weeks (16 year gap) so I’ve experienced the 2 close in age and 1 basically an only child. I’m 43, a single mom and exhausted! :rofl::rofl:

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My girls are 2 years apart! Their like 2 peas in a pod :slightly_smiling_face:

I found out I was pregnant with my son when my daughter was only 8 months old ! They are 14 months apart . It was hard going from 1 to 2 so close in age and also with our son comming at 30 weeks an having a nicu stay it was challenging. But you will get it momma . They do everything together and have such a sweet bond. They also fight non stop with being so close in age :rofl: you will adapt . Double the love , double the work . I wouldn’t have it any other way . Love seeing them grow & strive together.

I have a 14, 4 and 3 yo going from 2 to 3 was a little bit of a challenge but not impossible :slightly_smiling_face: trust me it’ll quickly become your new normal so don’t worry you got this and everything will be fine :muscle:t4:

I have 2 close in age. Wasn’t bad at all till the second started walking. Then it was chaos. Lmao.