How is post tubal ligation syndrome diagnosed?

i had my tubes tied after my last baby and still haven’t gotten my period. I also have hot flashes, which is odd for someone in their mid thirties. I googled my symptoms and I match symptoms with post tubal ligation syndrome. Does anyone know how my Dr might detect whether this is the problem? has anyone else ever had it so i can get a sense of what to expect?


When did you have your last baby? I had hot flashes after both of mine. It’s a normal thing right after.

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I get hot flashes and my youngest is 2, I’m 34 and my tubes are tied and I have periods that are 2-3 days long.

You can always go to your Dr and be like I think I may have this and these are my symptoms :woman_shrugging:

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Had my tubes tied at 21 and never had trouble with my period. Had a hysterectomy at 36 and went into Peri menopause at 38. That’s when my hot flashes started.

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Have them test your thyroid as well. Mine got messed up after my tubes got tied.

I had it and ended up getting my tubes reversed

How long ago was bub born?

I’m 35 my 5th/youngest child is 15 months and my tubes aren’t tied and I have hot flashes

I’m having hot flashes (3 weeks postpartum with my 7th) and don’t have my tubes tied. With some of my other kiddos it lasted up to a year after giving birth, some I didn’t really have any hot flashes after giving birth. So it could just be from giving birth, each pregnancy is different

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Yes I had mine tied after my third baby at the age of 24 and it was probably about 5 years later I started getting hot flashes.

Hot flashes in your mid 30’s isn’t odd. Women can experience pre-menopause symptoms in the late teens and early 20’s. There’s really no set age as to when menopause or it’s symptoms can begin happening.

Could be bcz ur losing estrogen and its giving you hot flashes your period will return everyone is different

U need to go to MD it could be several things.

Just go to your doctor as soon as you can

Dont google it google has the worst diagnosis

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If you are breast feeding still it will delay your monthly… I had my tubes tied and was breast feeding… I had hot flashes and night sweats… my monthly returned six months later.

I didn’t know thats what it was called but that happened to me when i had them both removed. Unfortunately it didn’t last. I ended up with my menstrual cycle 5 months later and it lasted almost 2 weeks the first time.

I had my tied 11 years ago every doctor I’ve seen says it’s not because of the tubal ligation…not to many doctors believe in post tubal ligation syndrome

If you were on the pill prior to having a tubal, the pills were regulating your hormone levels. Some women have to go back on the pill yo regulate their periods and help with hot flashes. Sometimes it takes time for the ovaries to start ovulating again.