How is virtual learning for kindergarteners?

Hi, I have a question about online learning for this year, my daughter is just starting kindergarten & we’re doing online learning. So I didn’t get to see how it worked last year. So I’m just wondering how it all works & how much time do they spend on video calls with the teacher per day? I live in Ontario.


The statement in August said 180min for jk and sk. All other grades are 225 min. I’m sure there will be an update before the 21st.

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Every school is different

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Every school and grade is different. I have a 4th and 5th grader. My nieces are K and 3rd. My 5th grader gets done with school in 2 hrs. His meetings are about 20 mins he has 1 every morning and 1 that is once a week. My 4th grader takes all day to finish she has 1 hour long meeting twice a week. My nieces are in a different state and they have scheduled school classes begin and end just like if they are going to school.

We are in the meeting all day besides recess breaks and lunch(1st grade here)

I live in CA. I have a 5 yr old and a 7 yr old. My kinder have 3 30min zoom calls during the day. My 2nd grader has 3 45min-1hr.

My son spends a total of about 5 hours online. He’s in kindergarten

I have a VERY smart 5 year old in kindergarten… and even as smart as she is, it’s tough. :dizzy_face:
After all, it’s 5 - 8 hours of schooling every day for a 5 year old. At least where we live in california. . It’s hard to keep them motivated and focused for that long. You’ll need to be ready to have your patience tested.