How long after a membrane sweep did you go into labor?

How long after your membrane sweep did you go into labor? I have one on Friday and still nothing. Does that mean it didn’t work?


It didn’t work for me honestly.

I had one on a Monday and went into labour on the following Saturday!

Had one done January 7th at 4pm went into labor January 8th 11:15pm :blue_heart:

Had one at 37 weeks 6 days and another at 38 weeks 6 days… I’m 39 weeks and 4 days and nothing… Being induced this weekend .

2 days done on monday dr said i see u on wed

I had to still be induced a week after mine with my 1st

39 weeks, 40 weeks then induced at 41.

I had it done and it never done anything for me

I didn’t. I’ve gotten the sweep 2x with my first. Still needed to be induced at 41w. And I lose all kinds of pieces of my mucus plug too. 6 living 1 angel. I’ve had 2 csections, 4 inductions and only my 2nd came on their own. I don’t remember getting a sweep with that one. I’ve gotten one for my other pregnancies and besides with my 5th I seen a bloody piece of snow fall out in the shower after word (my first bloody show lol) but I was induced the next morning and it still took 12 hours. Shortest labor was my 3rd induced at 37w and it was 4 hours.

I had it done on a Wednesday, was starting contractions Friday, they did another one Friday while I was in the hospital but they sent me home, still had to be induced that next Monday.

Didnt lol had it done with 4 of my 5…nothing lol

I had 2 done, lost my mucous plug and still had to be induced

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I didn’t. I had to be induced, both times. One pregnancy I was swept twice.

Like 12hrs later but i went for a longgg walk and had to go to work at an active job

I had one with my oldest on the Friday around 7 am and my waters broke by 6pm that night lol

I had it done twice and still had to be induced

I had 3 . I went less than 24 hours after the third one . I was 9 days overdue .

I had one, it was like 4 days later, but I’m not sure if it was related, or if he was just finally ready.

Hands and knees, rock back and forth like your washing the floor. Seems to work. (The wives tale is to actually scrub the floor… yea, right… :joy:)

Had one with two pregnancies went into labour the next day.