How long after a miscarriage can you get pregnant?

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Physically 2 weeks later you can ovulate and get pregnant, more fertile than also but doctors prefer if you wait until after 1 period. Let the body recover and more importantly let you grieve your loss


My doctor said if I was emotionally ready I could start trying once my period regulated it’s self. I had two full periods and was even trying. My rainbow baby arrived in September.


Truthfully when I miscarried my first ever pregnancy and was advised to give it some time to allow myself to heal emotionally, I just knew that if I stopped trying to get pregnant I may never have the strength to start the process again. I remember reading that you’re more likely to get pregnant after being pregnant…I am very grateful / blessed to say I got pregnant several weeks later (I had no period in between) and my son will be 14 on the 24th of this month :blue_heart:
I know many people will think I was wrong and criticise my decision to just keep trying and not give my body, mind and heart time time to process my loss. However it was the right thing for me. I grieved for my child, had an informal funeral / ceremony - that loss and love is something I will carry within me always.

I wish you so much love and best wishes with whatever you decide. I would do whatever feels right for you :heart:


I had to have 2 good periods before trying again. Did just that and now I have a healthy 17 yr old

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Technically I think it’s once you’ve had 1 period after then you can easily conceive again. Mentally though it’s however long you need :heart:


Its easier to conceive after a miscarriage than any other time. No one agrees on the time


I honestly got pregnant the next cycle by accident after mine. It was an early miscarriage though.

I got pregnant the month after. Miscarried end of October got pregnant in the beginning of december.

Wrong most doctors recommend a year because you need that time to heal physically and psychologically


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A year to give your body test and reset itself

Most Doctors recommend 6 months


Yeah I miscarried middle/end of March and was pregnant again in the beginning of June. She’ll be 2 on the 26th!:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I waited 4 months to morn my loss

I miscarried on July 14th (only 6-8 weeks) and got pregnant again August 8th. Positive test August 20th and had a healthy baby girl the following April.

My doctor preferred a 6 months to a year to let ur body heal rite

Used to tell you three months. Now I know many who didn’t wait at all and had no problem

Can you? Instantly. Should you? Depends on several factors.

Well I had two that I got pregnant right away again…I didn’t even know I was pregnant as I was waiting for my period to come! I have three healthy daughters :wink:

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