How long after a miscarriage can you get pregnant?

I miscarried in October and was pregnant again in February.
My daughter was born exactly one year and a day from my miscarriage. So every year on her bday I remember her sibling I lost and she will be 10 this year


My son was conceived the same month. The doctors didn’t believe I was pregnant. They thought it was just still showing from the miscarriage. I had to come back twice to see if the pregnancy hormone was going up or down before they took me seriously. He’s 9 now :hugs:

After your next scheduled period there will be new lining, your body naturally sheds every month when the egg is not used and it gives your body time to heal and renew the tissue for the next cycle

I lost my baby and wanted to be close to my husband afterwards. I believe I was pregnant 2 weeks later. But he was born early not a miscarriage, so I don’t know if it’s considered the same.

I had a miscarriage like the last week in May back in 2012 and then found out I was pregnant again the second week of June. So it took me two weeks.

I got pregnant night after my d n c. The baby couldnt attach due to just having d n c so it died also.

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“Can” get pregnant immediately but “should” allow your body to heal.

I had a miscarriage at the end of September n have been trying to get pregnant since. I was told by my Dr. to wait 3 months before trying.

My dr told me to try again right after bleeding stopped I was pregnant before my next cycle.

I think it’s right away. If you’re wanting to

after first cycle or 4 weeks

Does it really matter
Once you and your partner want it. I conceived 3 weeks after

I was told to wait three mos

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I got pregnant 3 months after my miscarriage

Why the hell are you asking people on FB? Ask your doctor

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Meet Google, your new best friend!

🤷 I miscarried in August 2019… Still not pregnant :sob:

My Dr had me wait 30 days. Let my hormones go back to normal.

Why is this all about pregnancy now

Good grief
Ask your doctor