How long after getting your membranes swept did you go into labor?

I was wondering if any other moms had their membranes stripped and how long after If at all did it make them go into labor? I am 38 weeks and three days, and my doctor just did it at about 430. I’m dilated to a three already.


They say if a membrane sweep is going to work it will be within 72 hours. Mine took about 12 hours for me to go into labor

Had it done on the friday tea time had my son at 3.10am on the sunday

I didn’t they had to induced me but I wasn’t dilated or enfaced

A little over 12 hours

I had two and it didn’t work at all. Ending up laboring for almost 36 hours and had a emergency section.

Never all three times lol

I had one Monday morning & went into labour Wednesday afternoon

I had my membranes stripped on a wednesday and by saturday, my water still hadn’t broken so I drank a little castor oil that morning and by noon, my water broke

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Mine were stripped 7 times lol never worked

It didn’t work for me…I ended up being induced a week later…my Obgyn practice won’t do it anymore when I asked to have it done when I was pregnant with my second

usually within the first 48 hours but some people have no response to it

1st childs was done around 1pm my water broke at 5am next day, 2nd childs was around 9 am and waters broke 2 mornings later around 7am

Had mine done on a Wednesday went into labor Thursday night

I had mine done that Friday @ 2pm and had my son 5:4am Sunday.

A friend of ours ate pineapple and blended up the pineapple core and ate that, as well. She said that put her into labor

I had them swept twice :woman_shrugging:t3: then it was about 20 hours afterwards

I had mine stripped with my first baby and the next morning I went into labor

I have it done twice and nothing happen :frowning:

Had mine on a Monday, water broke that Saturday. I was very active trying to get my labor started also.