How long after losing your mucus plug did you give birth?

So I’m pregnant with my first (I’m 34 weeks), and I was wondering when others started losing their mucus plug and then how long after they started losing it was their baby born?


I was 34 weeks when I lost mine and gave birth at 40

With my first the same day… my second maybe a day or two later. I was almost 2 weeks past my due date with my first and right at my due date with my second

I lost mine and my dr told me it grows back

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I only lost mine on the day

3 weeks, both times.

I lost mine at 38 Weeks. I lost mine at 4Am and by about 9Am I was having contractions. At 4Pm my son was born.

I lost mine at 36 weeks and still hadn’t gone into natural labor at the end of 39 weeks

I lost mine at 22 weeks (confirmed by obgyn) and it grew back, I didnt know it could. I lost it again at 38 weeks and had her at 39 weeks.

I had mine done at the drs at 10:30 am and then I had my son at 10 PM lol

I lost it around 4 pm took a nap, 7 pm contractions started

My doc said it can grow back, sometimes even more than once

It grows back if you’re not dilating

Show is not a sign of labour and if you do lose it early it can make a new one :slight_smile:

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It can regenerate so unfortunately I dont think it was a good measure for me, personally. I also never lost mine in one big glop, more a bunch of small ones, and I also never went into labor. All 4 my babies wete induced between 41-42 weeks. Currently 37 weeks pregnang, and opting for induction at 39 this time

7am plug
5pm baby
Same day

First it was at 40 weeks and 5 days had her the next day
Never seen it with second

I lost mine around 34 too maybe a bit earlier and my water broke at 36 weeks.

My due date was june 5th 2019. Lost my plug and had my bloody show on may 22nd. Didnt have her until June 13th after being induced and having an emergency c

A while… Atleast like 6 weeks you don’t loose it all at once