How long did it take for your period to regulate after birth control?

I just got off birth control after being on it for 2 1/2 years, how long did it take you to get a regular period cycle? Also, if you were trying to get pregnant (I’m not, just didn’t want to be on it anymore), how long did it take you to get pregnant? Advice, please?


It took me six months after stopping the pill to get pregnant. It usually doesn’t take long to regulate after stopping, but it all depends everyone is different.

it all depends on what kind of birth control it is. the only kind ive ever used was the depo shot. I got my period back right away but my ovulation was off the 1st time so it took 8 months for me to get pregnant. im off of it again and I didnt get my period back for 3 months and after 5 months of periods im still not pregnant but this time I know when ive ovulated

Went off in April, got pregnant in June, had been on pill for over 15 years

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I got off beginning of October got pregnant mid December and was on it for 10 years.

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There are lots of stories where a woman missed a pill and got pregnant. Even so, I believe it’s recommended to wait 1 cycle before trying to conceive. As for periods becoming regular, it partly depends on when you stopped the pill, your age, and if you have any conditions like PCOS. I would wait 4 cycles, count the days for the 3 most recent cycles, and average it out. I believe most women can have a natural cycle that’s + - a couple days.

I got off birth control and got pregnant the next week.

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Everyone is different - I was on the mini pill for 8 years with no periods and no issues - I fell pregnant within the first week of stopping the pill :see_no_evil::sweat_smile:.

I was on BC for about 5 years and on 3 different ones in that time… I got off BC altogether in sept of 17, and then I didn’t get my period back till jan of 18… then I found out I was pregnant in September of 18

I was on the pill for years, like approximately 9 years. Got off of it end of September 2018, didnt get my first actual period until November. Ovulated in December but didnt get a period so thought I was pregnant but I wasn’t. Ovulated in January and got pregnant that time. So 2 months until I got a period but I think it was still regulating hence the fact it didnt show up in December, but only took 4 months till I got pregnant

Stopped taking it in July, had a normal period in August and was pregnant in September

Depends entirely on the birth control and the person. No 2 will be exactly the same.

Took me a few months to get a period and a year to get pregnant (not trying) after 10 yrs on Depo. Took me 2 months to get a period and 6 to get pregnant (trying) after 4 years on Mirena.

Happy to tell you what happened to me, but just know that every woman is different and there are sooooo many factors to consider. I went off birth control 2 times and the result was different each time.

First time it took me a couple months to regulate and over a year to get pregnant.

Second time I had one period and got pregnant.

Same birth control, both times.

Hope this helps!

I’m 8 months out and still all over the place

I got off end of May & got pregnant end of July & was on it for 7 years.

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So my OB advised I could quit my birth control pill and it’d take 2-3 months or so for my cycle to get back to normal and that chances of getting pregnant were low during those months.
That being said, all three of my pregnancies, I got pregnant as soon as I got off the pill. (One of which was a miscarriage but unrelated to the bc and still in my third pregnancy due in April). If you’re hoping to get pregnant at a certain time and are trying to space out between quitting the pill and conceiving, make sure to use protection in the meantime!

I’m pretty sure it depends on the type of birth control. I’ve heard it takes awhile to get pregnant after the depo shot, but my sister was on the pill for 10 years and got pregnant almost right after she stopped taking it

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I think it all depends on what kind of birth control you’re on and every woman is different

I got pregnant on depo and the mirena IUD. So I can’t answer that for you. So I just got my tubes tied which watch that’s probably not going to work either.