How long did it take to get your first period after pregnancy?

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If you’re breastfeeding it can take awhile.

2 months- no breastfeeding.

I breastfed and mine took a month to kick in

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3 months and I’m exclusively breastfeeding :woman_facepalming:

I breastfed until my boys self weaned at 4 months. My periods started back about the time they slowed down on feedings.

Breastfeeding and 1 month all four times.

About 2 months while breastfeeding and supplementing due to low milk supply.

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11 months with my first
8 months with my second

Breastfeeding, 5 months

I breastfed as well, waited the six weeks to get back on birth control and never had a menstrual cycle

9 months and counting, still breastfeeding

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I got my tubes done after my 4 th it took like 5 months to get a period and I wasn’t breast feeding

Both times I had postpartum bleeding for 6 weeks and at week 8 I got my regular cycles back. I breastfed both times as well.

When I had my son it took me about 2ish months.

After my first baby was born I never got my period back, I found out I was pregnant when he was 11 months old. Now after baby number 2 I’m still waiting and He’s 8 months. Breastfeeding the whole time.

7 months ( was breastfeeding too)

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8 weeks, Fully breastfeeding. :sweat:

Why? Gurls. Don’t be stupid

4 weeks on my first
14 weeks on my second

Both exclusively formula fed