How long did it take you to get a period after your c-section?

I’ve had two sections, one seven years ago and one six months ago. How long did it take for your period to return? My baby is six months and no cycle as yet. My C-section scar was infected as they didn’t seal it properly. It took me about four months to heal, and then I started getting yellow then transparent discharge whilst being on antibiotics.

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Go to your gp as we say in england , Please

See a doctor for sure and ask this, but personal experience, antibiotics CAN DELAY a period. Not many people know that and I had a crazy pregnancy scare before I was told that.

If you are breastfeeding that can delay your period. I had a c section almost 7 months ago and my period come back at 4pp.

11 months post c section and breastfeeding

Are you breastfeeding? Sometimes that stops your period I heard both times I got my period about a week after for about a week

About a year after. I was exclusively breastfeeding though.

:rofl::joy: I had a cesarean in 1985. This will not be a thing in 2 months. Live your life without so much worry

Between a year or two for my period to return, I was breastfeeding.

6 weeks both times 100% exclusively breastfeeding :woman_facepalming:t2::sob: I’m a fertile Mertle :sweat_smile:

A little over 2 months not breastfeeding

Are you breast feeding? First section 7/8 weeks (was not breastfeeding) second one was 9 months (was breast feeding)

Did you get your tubes tied

Are you breastfeeding? Some peoples cycles don’t return till they stop. The section itself shouldn’t have anything to do with when a period comes back.


If you’re breastfeeding exclusively, many women don’t see theirs return until after they stop. I had one emergency c section with baby number 3 back in 2018 and I bled on and off for maybe a month as far as post partum bleeding went and then like clock work mine returned roughly 6-7 weeks following. Keep in mind there isnt really a set schedule for it. Its kind of just a everyones body heals differently in different time frames so your body just may not be ready. My other three kids it was different every time. Some I got mine right away and others it was delayed a bit more. If you’ve not been having unprotected sex following birth, I honestly wouldn’t worry about it

I pumped and got a “period” (or reaction to the birth control) a week after the Nexplanon was inserted. Stopped pumping this past May, Nexplanon is still in and no period to speak of.

7mo I think. That was with exclusively pumping for 4-5mo (my son was born at 32 weeks and in NICU for 6.5 weeks).

I didnt breast feed- or even produce tbh, period returned almost a year post csection.

I always get mine back right away. I’ve had 3 c-sections and breastfed all 3 times and got my period about 9 weeks pp.

With my first exactly 30 days later, with my second 9 months :joy::joy:
Both were breastfed