How long did it take you to get pregnant after a miscarriage?

How long did it take to conceive after a miscarriage?? My husband and I are ready to start trying again after a recent pregnancy loss.


So sorry for your loss, I had a D and C and got pregnant right away only 2 months later. Think positive thoughts! :blush:

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3 months after for me.

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Got pregnant 2 weeks after

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Only 2 months later. Wasn’t planned but definitely the biggest blessing.

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A year but I was too devastated to start again right away

I miscarried April 2011, got pregnant August 2011, had my son may 2012

They say to wait, after a few cycles to try again. Had a miscarriage, last October. Found out, I was pregnant in Feburary. Due with a baby girl in October.

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You’re extremely fertile right after honestly, make sure you’re emotionally healed tho.

1 month wasnt really trying but hes defiantly the biggest blessing

1yr and 7months the first time. The second time about 10months the second time. But since having my first successful pregnancy when I was ready to try for a second child I was pregnant within the first month of stopping birth control.

I had miscarriage in April was told to wait one cycle…so we started trying in June, feels like FOREVER…still trying

Had a miscarriage in April waited until bleeding stopped and had 1 period after now I’m 11 weeks

I misscarried in October of 2016 and was pregnant by May of 2017 had my first little one in February of 2018 and currently pregnant with number 2! Sorry for your loss and best of luck! I wish you well!

I would definitely wait a few months before trying again. You need to let your body heal

Had 3 miscarriages over 5 yrs , and then the same yrs would get pergnant with healthy babies… my last miscarried last yr now pergnant 3rd trimester due the 20 took about 6 months for me

I miscarried in the beginning of November and was pregnant with my rainbow baby by the end of December :blush: good luck on your rainbow baby!

I had a baby got pregnant 4 weeks after. Was 4 months pregnant had a miscarriage, then 6 weeks later had a healthy pregnancy

About 4-5 months. Both times :cry:

Had a miscarriage 3/19 and got pregnant again 6/19.
Had a healthy happy girl!