How long did it take you to get pregnant after ending birth control?

Back story, I have been on continuous birth control for 13 years. I am curious how long it took for other women to get pregnant after getting off birth control. I know there’s a chance I could get pregnant right away of course. But I’d just like to hear from actual people how long it personally took them when trying to get pregnant after being on birth control for a similar amount of time.


I got pregnant on birth control both times both coils ! X

I had an iud for 8 years was pregnant a month after removal

With my first I got pregnant the week after STARTING birth control (the pill) with my second I was on nexplanon for 10 months hated it and went back to the pill and got pregnant again 2 months later obviously the pill doesn’t work for me :joy:

Got pregnant a couple months after but had a miscarriage the 2 months after that got pregnant again and my boy was just born 2-26 of this year :slight_smile:

Not even a month with all of my pregnancies

5 years (after having my IUD in for 5 years and then taken out)

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It took a 7 years after depo but it messed up my Hormones pretty bad.

Most of the time, you go right back to being fertile as long as you arent on the depo shot.

See birth control just prevents you from ovulating. Once you stop taking it, you immediately begin ovulating again and therefore can get pregnant again.

I was on birth control for 17 years. I was off it for 4 months before we started trying and got pregnant a month after trying. I’m currently 6 months pregnant. Also got pregnant without producing progesterone which I found out I don’t produce 2 weeks before I found out I was pregnant.

I had an iud for 8 years and it took my roughly 4 months to conceive. My sister had her iud for 5 years and it took her like 3 weeks to conceive.

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I got my iud taken out last june. Got a confirmed positive on august 20. Due any day now haha

I had an IUD for 10 years, took it out to get pregnant and because it was time and it took us about 6-7 weeks to conceive. I don’t think that is the average, average is most likely more than that, best wishes!

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First cycle off the pill

I was on birthcontrol for about 10 years and got pregnant almost 2.5 years later witthout actually trying

First baby less than a month, second baby about a month.

The first time a week. This last time I stopped we tried for close to a year and no luck

With mine…wasnt on it that long…3 years…got off it…had a period, next month was pregnant with second. That was on the pill.

On depo for 10 years, pregnant without actively trying within 1 year of stopping. 4 years on Mirena, pregnant after 6 mos, 4 of which were spent actively trying. I ovulate for like 3 minutes a month. It’s insane how I got pregnant the first time considering I wasn’t trying.

In 2016 I had been on the pill for about 3-4 years and stopped taking it because it was causing issues, we weren’t trying to get pregnant but we weren’t being careful either. Stopped the pill in April, and I was pregnant by the end of June.