How long did it take you to get pregnant after having a c-section?

After having a c-section how long did it take you to get pregnant with second child?? My son in 15 months. I have regular periods and keep up with my obvulating days but still nothing.


Are you breast feeding?

7 months after my 1st and 3 months after my 2nd c section. But I also nursed each time and that made my periods wonky.

I got pregnant when my first was 3 months old.

If you’re breastfeeding it can make it harder to get pregnant even after your periods come back, i had a c-section, was ebf, no bc, got pregnant when she was 18 months.

I lost my first baby at 26 weeks in November 10th 2013, I had an emergency c section due to preeclampsia and she was so small
She didn’t make it. My OB advised me to wait a year and of course i didn’t. I got a positive test in March and delivered a very healthy rainbow at 37 weeks in November 5th 2014 almost a year to the date.

I think it really depends on if your breast feeding and if your periods are back to normal.

My first was not planned so I always assumed I would get pregnant fairly easy the second time. Boy was I wrong!! It took us 9 months of TTC (tracking ovulation constantly, using ovulation kits to confirm, the whole 9 yards) & nothing- month after month. It was frustrating and it worried me a lot - but the month I finally decided to just relax and step back from the stress of it all, it finally happened & now we have a 3 week old baby boy!:blue_heart: It will happen, mama! Be patient with yourself :two_hearts:

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8 months, 1 year, and 18 months

Having a csection doesn’t effect you getting pregnant. Everyone is different. Some women get pregnant immediately after having a baby, even though you should space it out after having a csection so your body can heal. I wouldn’t rush it

Having a c section affects fertility ??

C section & fertility are two separate topics. One doesn’t effect the other. What u need to consult with ur doctor is how long to wait after a c section to get pregnant. Just bc u want to be fully healed before stretching your belly again & possibly opening the incision for another c section.

With my 1st 2 children I got pregnant exactly 4 weeks after my c section. My 2 oldest are only 10 months apart!!!

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I had a C-section 5 years ago cuz I was pregnant with twins, I ended up getting pregnant like 4-6 months after I had them.

Breastfeeding can makes it take longer. It’s like a natural b.c. I got pregnant about 14 months after my 2nd and 3rd c sections. My 2nd wasn’t breastfed, and I got prego after 14 months, 3rd was breastfed for 11 months, still got prego at 14 months. My 3 youngests are all 23 months apart.

My boys are 16m apart. I had a c section and suffer from pcos

My kids are 12 months apart

Honestly the longer U can heal your body the better I have big gaps between my kids and I’ve had 4 c-sections

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My kids are 3 years, 8 months apart

January 2009 early miscarriage
January 2010
December 2011
October 2013 early miscarriage
October 2014
November 2017 (twin girls)
5th csection will be this August 2020

all csections, not to big of gaps…

They recommend waiting 2 years to heal… i understand ppl get pregnant sooner but im just letting know i waited 2 year between my 2nd and 3rd and my 3rd pregnancy was horribly painful, I was on bedrest by 30 weeks… i understand everyone’s body is different just be ready to deal with the possibility of a rough pregnancy