How long did it take you to get pregnant after having an ectopic pregnancy?

I had an ectopic pregnancy back in September. I lost my baby and my left tube. If you have been through this, how easy was it to get pregnant again? If you had your tube removed as well did you have another ectopic on your other side? Did you experience anything else different when trying to get pregnant again?


I know someone who had an ectopic, and unfortunately had another after x

I had an ectopic they kept my tube. You should be a 50/50 percent chance of having another or having a successful pregnancy. I had a successful pregnancy just months after my surgery. Good luck

Maybe you could try to time it so it’s not right when you ovulate so it has time to get down the tube? That way it doesn’t attach in the tube? Idk if possible just a suggestion

This is a conversation to have with your obgyn


I had an ectopic then a miscarriage a year later and went on to have 2 babies xx

I had a ectopic pregnancy had my tube removed then I got pregnant 6 months later , had 2 more babies

With missing a tube you are 50% ovulating now, meaning every month doesn’t mean you will be fertile because the egg has no tube to come down from, so what you need to do is this.

Get ovulation tests, track yourself, NO and I mean NO routine or time lines, the more pressure you apply on yourself the less likely it will happen. Make it fun, and don’t be totally bummed if it doesn’t happen right off the bat.

I do agree this is something you will need to speak to an OBGYN about, so you have correct information and feel good with your choices.

I was told once you have one you probably will have more and or never be able to conceive naturally. But I’ve heard of others who have had children after everyone is different. Good luck and GOD BLESS!

I had an ectopic pregnancy and lost my left tube, I did not plan on having any more children( I suffer from severe morning sickness, Hyperemisis Gravadium whilst pregnant) I already had 2 a girl and a boy, however I got pregnant twice whilst taking the contraceptive pill religiously and had 2 more girls. I did not have another ectopic pregnancy.

I had one in January 2011 and got pregnant in October 2011…

My ob/gyn did exploratory surgery as well and removed a lot of scarring from previous d&cs that caused my ectopic pregnancy. A couple of years later, I had my gallbladder removed. I got pregnant within months and although my baby was premature, she is healthy. I was 40 yrs old when she was born. My son was 21. I had been trying for a baby for 20 years.

I had an ectopic pregnancy in 2009. Lost my right fallopian tube. I had sex again in 2011. I got pregnant in 2013 after coming off birth control, no complications. Took about 3 months.

I had one in 1982 and it ruptured told I would never have kids I delivered both my girls one 1983 and the other in 1986 both by c section

I had one, then pregnant few months later. Gave birth to my beautiful rainbow baby :two_hearts: … hang in there

You should get an HSG to make sure you don’t have any blockages in your other tube.

Only took me 2-4 months. 1st was miscarriage in November, 2nd ectopic in March, then pregnant with my 1st boy in in June.

I had one in August 2010 and lost him/her with it ruptured. Then exactly a year later got pregnant again and had another eptopic. Just be careful and like Kayla Rivera said time it a little later if you can!! I would say good luck and sorry for your loss!! But don’t give up hope!!

I had the very same thing happen to me in 07/1989. Lost a tube/baby. No problem getting pregnant; I always had problems staying pregnant. Had my daughter in 01/91.

I had one and then went on to have 4 more children with just the one tube.