How long did it take you to get pregnant after mirena?

I just took my Mirena out, and I’m trying to conceive a second child. Anyone else imagines after Mirena? How long did it take? I had a period immediately after removal, so do I need to have one more normal period before I can conceive? Any help or tips appreciated!


My doctor told me 4 - 9 months. Granted mine was in for 6 years.

I had mine in for 3 years, and started trying to conceive immediately after having it removed. It took 3 years of trying before it happened, but when I finally did get pregnant I conceived twins! I’ve read that it’s not all that uncommon for people to spontaneously conceive twins after having Mirena.

I took my Mirena out on August 5th (Atter having it for 6 years) and was pregnant by end of October :blush:

I was able to conceive the first month of trying two different times.

I got pregnant right away

I was pregnant within 2 weeks

When it was removed… ended in a miscarriage. Your uterus needs time to “fluff up” is what I was told.

I took mine out aug 3 2010, it was my daughters 3rd bday. We found out we were pregnant at the end of September with our youngest dsughter…

I had mine for 5 years. It took me one year after removal.
Iv seen a thread where someone has asked this question before.
It seemed like none of the answers were the same.
It really just depends on the person and circumstances.

4 months after removal for me

4 months (it was my 3rd Mirena)

I had my first mirena (had it for 3.5 years) taken out in May and was pregnant by July. Everyone is different but there really isn’t any reason you can’t start trying immediately after removal unless there’s an underlying medical issue.

I had my Mirena out in November 2015 and my by march I was pregnant with our now 3 year old daughter

I got pregnant my first try. Mirena out in November but didn’t try until February because I wanted to track my high ovulation day…

Out in February pregnant in April

6 weeks…I had my Mirena for 4 years b4

Depo shot here… been trying for 7 months :frowning:

Mirena out in February, positive pregnancy test end of May

4 months after having it for 6 years