How long did it take you to get pregnant after stopping birth control?

How long after stopping birth control pills, were you able to get pregnant?

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Stopped them in February and tested positive in July

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I took the pills and stopped in March and got pregnant in June. :blush:

Stopped in January and pregnant in June

I stopped in June an was pregnant July

Stopped in March, got pregnant in August.

Got pregnant on them :rofl:

3 years, so it’s different for everyone

I was on them for 12 years and stopped them at the end of April and got pregnant by the end of June

About a month for me.

Stopped them when i started my period at the end of June found out I was pregnant middle of August less then 2 months later

First baby, 4 months. Second baby, 6 weeks

I got pregnant the day they took my iud out from sperm that was already present from a couple days previously. When I got the iud taken out, the doctor said it was possible and I made a joke about it actually happening. Joke was on me. Unfortunately, that pregnancy did result in a loss though.

About two months, three times

3 months, with both my pregnancies.

I fell pregnant with twins on the depo lol

One month. Was supposed to get it again in December of 2018, got pregnant January 2019.

First was a month second 5 months third 5 months

I missed a week, because the drs office screwed up the amount of refills I was supposed to have, got pregnant 2 days after I started taking it again…

Took us 10 months after stopping birth control pills to get pregnant