How long did it take you to get pregnant with PCOS?

I want to know if any other mommies have PCOS and how long it took them to get pregnant with it.


Not trying to be funny, but Macy from teen mom has it and is a great source of information

I have it and have had it since I was a teenager. I couldn’t get pregnant on my own with either of my children. Both times it took over a year with fertility drugs with a miscarriage in between them. I wish you the best of luck.

After I found out I had pcos it took 2 years. But I found out after my second son was born and the drs told me I would never conceive naturally. He even argued that i couldn’t already have 2 children.
I went on to fall pregnant while on the depo injection.

I am currently pregnant with my first child. It was unplanned and shocking because I thought I couldn’t get pregnant. But nonetheless, I am very happy being pregnant. Pregnancy is definitely possible with PCOS.

Six yrs n finally then another seven again done :white_check_mark:

7 years first time. 12 years second time. But i wasn’t trying trying…just never prevented it.

I have PCOS but got pregnant super quick each time. It honestly depends how severe the case is and how your body reacts.

Every time they put me on the pill I got pregnant. I have 4 !! And it was pretty fast .

I have it and I got pregnant pretty fast. The longest was like 4 months.

It took me 9 years of no real prevention, finally decided to try metformin per my PCP then did approximately 7 months of Clomid. Finally had my miracle baby, and after him pregnant again within two months (no meds) but miscarried at second trimester then a year later had an ectopic pregnancy :disappointed: very hard journey

I have had 4 total pregnancies. Miscarried my first in 2009, I have an 8 year old that was born in Jan 2012, I had a daughter that passed away at 5 months in Nov 2013, and I have an almost 7 month old daughter now. I was told I wouldn’t have a healthy pregnancy after my first miscarriage due to PCOS. I tried A LOT to help speed up the process. What seems to help me every time is if I’m not stressing out about it. I also take metformin and a two or three cycles of BC pills and then just stop them. I have gotten pregnant with my last 3 kids that way within 2-3 cycles after stopping BC. I was only actually trying to get pregnant with one of them because most times I had lost hope of it happening. The reason I started and stopped BC so many times was because sometimes I have to regulate my cycle with it.

First time 3 years, second time 6 months, and this time first try. I also have endometriosis on top of pcos i think after you get that first ome knocked out they come easier. But i had to get really healthy the first time and lost a bunch of weight and was eating right.

First time was 6 months and second was 4 years x

I had it since I was 9 I’m 27 now and has weight loss surgery last year and now pregnant with my first baby without any medication

with my first I tracked my ovulation right when I stopped my bc. Took 2.5 months. second time was within a month. was on metaformin.

With my first it just happened. Then the 2nd happened 4 and a half years later. And my 3rd and last happened a year and a half later. :blush:

Already have one kiddo (11 years old now) from a previous relationship and have been trying with hubby for five years now no luck yet

I was told that I will never get pregnant without some kind of treatment because of my pcos… wasn’t using any protection at all and got pregnant in 2 years time,was pretty shocked about it because didn’t want any children at the time,anyways oldest son is 6 now. Had a baby 4 moths ago with my current partner ,we tried for roughly a year.

I got pregnant while on the pill. I have had documented cysts since I was 14.