How long did it take you to go into labor after losing your mucus plug?

How long after hitting 37 weeks did you lose your mucus plug and go into labor? I’ve had so many sharp pains and pressure even when using the restroom… Could this be normal?


There’s no telling. All 3 of my kids I never lost it. And my sister lost hers a few times with her oldest. They can grow back.

My first baby 2days after losing my mucus plug. My second i lost my plug over a week plus and baby didnt come till 2 weeks after.

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With my daughter I lost my mucus plug 5am Saturday morning and didn’t hit hard labor until 2am Sunday morning.

Lost the entire plug at once…water broke almost 2 days later

Bloody show is what matters mucus plug can be lost several times over your pregnancy. If you are having pains you need to be seen


I lost mine at 40w5d. She was born several hours later.

I went into labor a few hours after I lost my mucus plug.

One of mine ( I have 5) took almost a week after

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I lost mine at I think like 38ish weeks. Was way beyond excited I screamed called my husband, we’ll come to find out it regenerates and my water didn’t break until 40 weeks exactly without contractions lol

I lost my mucus plug at 41 weeks and started having contractions about 5 minutes after

I lost mine well I was in labor had contracts for about 20 hours lost it then had baby 6 hours later.

I was full term with first one lost mucus plug had baby little over 4hrs 50 minutes later

You need to be seen as soon as possible sharp pains when using the restroom can also be a sighn of a uti wich is common in pregnancy please seek medical advice

All 3 of my kids it was several days after losing the mucus plug that they were born.

And Braxton Hicks contractions can cause sharp pains and pressure. They increase in the last weeks of pregnancy. They’re not real labor contractions until you can’t speak a full sentence through them.

But second the get medical care advice. Something out of the normal can always be occurring

Every time I lost it I went into labor within 2-3 days, I had my babies at 41, 33 and 36 weeks.

Had a sweep on a Friday , lost mine that night didn’t have my little one till the next Thursday

I had mine the same day I lost mine but I know some people it can still take awhile. It’s different with everyone.

I lost mine 4 weeks for both before going into labor.