How long did it take you to go into labor?

How long after losing your mucus plug did y’all go into labor? I’m nervous


Mine came out in like 1,000 pieces over the span of a month.

I went into labor hours after my mucus plug.

I lost mine and went into labor the next day… but some people loose theirs and go awhile before they go into labor. Will see how the 2nd time goes currently 35 weeks.

I was on the way to the hospital within an hour or so of losing mine.

I lost mine in the hospital and went into labor next day.

Mine came out in over a month and still had to be induced

about 10 days spent in early labor after losing a small amount, then my water broke! I don’t recall any large or noticeable amount at any point before my water broke!

I had to be induced after losing my mucus plug. I was told losing your mucus plug is not a sign you’ll be going into labor. Bloody show is supposed to be within 72 hours. I’ve never seen my bloody show and I’ve had 6 living and 1 angel at 35w6d. Induced 4x, 2 csections and only 1 came on their own.

Idk about mucus plug but I was in labor 21 hours after my water broke

3 days, but all pregnancies are different.

I lost mine at 19 weeks and had my baby at 30 weeks :pleading_face: I just had weekly appointments

Lost mine and was induced 4 days later at 39 weeks

I went to labor 2 days after it came out.

They regenerate. So losing it doesn’t mean you will go into labor soon. With my last 3 kids I started losing huge chunks of mucus plug around 28-29 weeks and it never stopped. It just kept regenerating and then coming out. It was pretty irritating honestly. My doctor said they’re suppose to regenerate and it’s actually normal to lose it more than once during pregnancy.

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I lost my mucus plug 3 times with my oldest. The 3rd time I lost it I was induced that day and ended up with emergency c-section.

Mine came out with all three on same day I went into labor but it’s different for everyone.

I was in labor when I lost my plug. I lost all at once in the hospital.

lost it friday at 4 pm had her sunday at 2:42 am… contractions all over the place until saturday night at 11:30 they started every 5 mins… went to hospital and was 8 cms

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I was also in labor in the hospital when I lost my plug.